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You know that many runners enter a race, and only one of them wins the prize.
So run to win! Athletes work hard to win a crown that cannot last, but we do it
for a crown that will last forever.                                              1 Corinthians 9:24-25
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Springfield, Oregon
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September 16, 2013
Wow.....somebody should be fired for not keeping the blog up to
date!  The last race was on Aug 31st & was the first night of the
Wingless Nationals at Cottage Grove.  Qualification was a
struggle, so Zack started in 5th place in the first heat.  He
finished 4th.  After all of the heats had run, the main event
line-up had Zack starting 10th.  It was largely a bottom feeder
track, Zack included.  He was able to come away with a 6th place
finish, which was good, except the motor blew, so we were done
after having raced just one night of the two night event.  We
have one race weekend left.  Sept 20-21 we will be racing in
Yakima at the fairgrounds with our motor.  There is a 360 race
on the Cottage Grove schedule after that (Oct 5th), but after
racing 2 nights in Yakima, our motor will need to be freshened,
so that will be it for our season.  So far, Zack has accomplished
his goal of being in the top 5 in ASCS NW points at the end of
the season.  He is currently sitting in 4th place.  We are very
proud of him & unbelievably grateful to many supporters this
season.  Stay tuned next week!
Thank you to Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Bill & Carol, Toni,
Buddy, & Brittney for rooting Zack on at the track at the
wingless race.  We appreciate each of you sooo much!

August 26, 2013
Let's see......first to the race story from Friday at Cottage Grove.  
There were 17 ASCS sprints.  Zack qualified so-so...10th.  He is
finishing the season driving last year's KPC chassis & is
borrowing an engine from BC Motorsports since we can't put
many more laps on our engine before it needs to be freshened.  
Zack started outside front row of his heat race & was in the lead
by turn 1 of lap 1, but had some very fast cars behind him.  Trey
Starks caught him fairly quickly.  Zack started to race him for
the position, but could tell this motor didn't have anything to  
challenge Trey with, so he settled for 2nd.  The car really
handled well though, so that was a plus!  Zack made the re-draw
& started outside 3rd row for the main.  He got a great start &
was up to 4th right away.  Long story short, he was flying
around there late in the race in 6th place, had 3 laps to go
(which he didn't realize), looked down at the temp, & it was up
to 250, so he pulled it into the pits.  Have to take care of the
equipment....especially when it's not ours.
On to Saturday in Banks, OR.....after early morning tinkering to
determine the cause of the overheating, it was discovered that
the nozzles were plugged & actually too small anyway.  So, the
crew changed the nozzles to slightly larger ones & adjusted the
barrel valve as well, & off to Banks we go.  There were only 12
cars in attendance, & we didn't qualify for some reason.  Zack
drew a pill that started him on the outside 2nd row of his heat.  
First, you should know that Sunset Speedway is typically a
one-groove, bottom feeder type track.  Most cars usually have a
very difficult time passing there.  Zack was able to pass one car &
make it into the re-draw.  (HVD passed 3 cars in his
heat....almost unheard of at this track!).  The fan who drew
Zack's starting position for the main drew a 3, so he started
inside 2nd row....not too bad.  Before the main, they worked on
the track, & there ended up being a top groove.  That made for
better racing.  However, by the end of the race, Zack had driven
a really good race, but just needed a couple of adjustments to
make the car slightly better.  He ended up getting 6th, but Sam
was very proud of him, & so were we.  Feels good to finish a race
again with the way our luck has been so often this season!
Thanks so much to Brian Crockett of BC Motorsports for the use
of his motor to get us through the season & get that valuable seat
time, as well as Sam & Toni Myers of Myers Logging
for.....EVERYTHING you do for us on a weekly basis!  Thanks also
to those of you who were there rooting for Zack this weekend:  
Brock & Jake Ferguson, Grandma Elaine, Marv, Bill & Carol,
Tom, Heather & Jordan, & Gary & Linda.
Once again, our schedule has changed.  Please be sure to check it
out on the Scheduled Races page.  As the season is winding
down, we will be racing this coming Saturday & Sunday in
Cottage Grove with the wingless sprints.
Finally, the whole team would like to extend our condolences to
the Wrights & extended family members as Patti's brother, Gary,
lost his long battle with cancer on Friday afternoon.  We pray
that he is walking streets of gold with Jesus, Wright family, &
will keep you all in our thoughts & prayers.

August 18, 2013
Another night of ups & downs....qualifying didn't go so well last
night.  Zack ended up qualifying 13th out of 16 cars, which
would put him on the back row of his heat race.  The guys made
some adjustments that helped the car turn better, & it worked.  
He started 7th, was up to 4th at one point, but then HVD got
back around him on the top.  So, he ended in 5th with some
decent passing points.  In fact, there were only 5 drivers between
both heat races who passed 2 or more cars, & Zack was one of
them, so we thought for sure he would end up in the re-draw to
determine the starting positions of the 8 drivers on the first four
rows of the main.  Apparently, since the ASCS Northwest drivers
just started qualifying instead of pill drawing, the qualifying
points are figured in as well, & he didn't qualify well.  So, he
wasn't in the re-draw & started 9th in the main.  He moved up
to 7th early.  Then the first red flag of the race came out for
#7N flipping.  On the re-start, Zack got hosed by a lapper &
went back to 9th, then up to 8th, got too high in turn 1 trying
to avoid 2 other cars who moved up the track right by him.  He
said it was either wheel hop his friend & flip or cause a flip or hit
the wall & hopefully not cause much damage...so he went for the
lesser of two evils.  However, he gathered the car back up & kept
going.  Then HVD flipped on the front stretch, which brought out
an open red flag, so the crews could come out & check on their
driver & car.  The guys ended up pushing Zack back into the pit,
so we thought we were done, thinking there must have been too
much damage when he hit the wall.  Then, just before the
re-start, he came back out, had to start in the back with 15 laps
to go, & was ABSOLUTELY FLYING through traffic.  He had
made it back up to 8th just railing the top, had to dive low to
pass for 7th in turns 3 & 4, spun, & backed the car into the
wall, bending the frame on lap 23 out of 30.  We were done.  I
have since found out that before he started the race, the guys
noticed the jacob's ladder was bound up for some reason & not
moving at all.  That actually worked great for him when he was
on the top of the track, but not so much as soon as he went low.  
The only damage done when he hit the wall the first time was
just a bolt that held the upper radius rod to the bird cage.  That's
why he was able to come back out.  So, to finish the season, we
will be going back to the KPC chassis.  It's very finicky, but the
guys are thinking they have learned so much this year about how
to set up a car, what works, what definitely doesn't, that they
can make it work.  It's worth a shot.  As of right now, we are
planning to run in Cottage Grove this coming Friday, Banks on
Saturday, & finish the season Sept 20-21 in Yakima, WA.  
Whew....LOTS of work to do this week.  See you all in Cottage
Grove on Friday!
Once again, we have to thank several people who came to support
us....Grandma Elaine, Marv, Lisa & Zach Carter, Brittney, Jeff,
Gary & family.   

August 16, 2013
Well.....what a whirlwind it has been these last few weeks.  I'm so
sorry I haven't updated the site for a while.  Zack recently found
out he has been accepted into the ThinkBIG program at Peterson
CAT.  This means he will be starting college at Portland
Community College on September 23, 2013, so we have been
rushing through the process, which to say the least, has been
extremely frustrating.  Zack will be attending classes for 8 weeks
at a time, & then coming back home to work at Peterson CAT for
8 weeks, & then back to Portland....back & forth like that for 2
years, which will earn him an Associates Degree in Applied
Science.  Since neither of us earned a college degree, we don't
know the process & are learning as we go....basically, trial &
error...not exactly fun, but we know if this is supposed to happen,
it will all work out somehow.  As of right now, we are planning
to continue racing, as the schedule allows.  The last races of this
season are scheduled for Sept 20-21 in Yakima, WA.  Zack's
classes start Sept 23, so it will be a close call, but the plan for
now is to run them both.  However, before those races, we have a
few left.  We will be racing in Lebanon this Saturday, Aug 17,  
with the ASCS Northwest sprints at Willamette Speedway.  Come
to the track & show your support!  By the way, does anyone
know of someone in the Portland area with a room for rent
inexpensively for a poor student for 8 weeks at a time??  
PLEASE, PLEASE contact Nicky Spaulding on Facebook right
away if you do!

July 26, 2013
Last Friday wasn't such a great night at the track as far as
finishing results go.  Just didn't have the handling we needed.  
Really struggling without our good shocks, for one thing.  
Saturday's results were somewhat better.  Zack was able to race
his way into the A, at least.  Started the A in 22nd place &
ended in 17th....not terrible.
Also, Friday night, Seth Nunes went over & ended his night at
the hospital with a concussion.  Thank God it isn't more serious!  
Glad you're doing ok, Seth.
Thank you to all who came out to root for Zack last weekend:  
Grandma Elaine, Tom & Patti, Bill & Carol, the Fergies, Brittney,
the Browns, Grandma Pam, Hayden, Kathryn, Lisa, & Kari.  I
know we will get to see some of you tonight & tomorrow night
for the final ASCS Nationals nights at Willamette Speedway.  And
we finally have our good shocks back!  Here we come!

July 19, 2013
Last weekend was the first of 3 ASCS National 2-day races &
was held at Grays Harbor Speedway.  I won't get into all of the
ugly details, but let's just say we are putting it behind us & hope
not to see the same kind of situations occur this weekend, as well
as next weekend.  Tonight & tomorrow night, we are scheduled
to race in Cottage Grove.  
Thanks to Trish & Taryn who came to Grays Harbor last
weekend.  Sorry it didn't turn out as we would have hoped, but
we were glad to have you there anyway!

July 7, 2013
Night #5 of Speedweek was on Wednesday, July 3rd, at
Willamette Speedway.  Zack's heat draw wasn't too bad.  He
started inside 2nd row for the third heat & was able to get 2nd
place.  That gave him valuable passing points, & put him into the
re-draw for the very first time.  They went down the line of the
top 8 drivers with kids choosing each driver's starting spot for
the A-main.  Zack got the pole!  What an AMAZING RACE he
had!  There is a link to it on the videos page, which includes his
heat from that night, the re-draw, as well as the A-main.  Many
drivers & fans came up to Zack after the race & congratulated
him on an awesome run.  It was a fantastic night at the track.
Oh, almost forgot....the last 13 laps or so, Zack was driving with
a broken shock & a right rear tire going down.  That kind of
thing always seems to happen when you're having a great run,
doesn't it?  We had one day off in between Willamette & Cottage
Grove.  Night #6 was on July 5th.  Zack started outside 2nd
row of the 3rd heat & had the race won until one of those
frustrating things that happens in racing happened.  Let's just
say he got 2nd.  Pretty good finish....once again put himself into
the re-draw for the first four rows of the A-main.  This time, he
wasn't quite as lucky.  The little girl who drew his starting
position drew a 6, so he was set to start outside 3rd row.  Not
bad; just not front row.  Ok...no problem.  He went out with the
other drivers, took his warm-up lap, hit the whoops in turn one,
tried to save it, but spun around anyway.  He could have kept his
foot in it, but saw traffic coming & decided to just stop where he
was so he didn't pull out in front of traffic & cause a wreck, even
though it meant he would have to start the A-main in the back
since he had stopped on the track.  Sooo, to the back he went for
the start & ended the race in 16th.  Would have been faster with
a different shock on the right rear, for sure.  He was having
trouble getting off of turn 2 like he wanted to.  Oh well....on to
the final night of Speedweek the next night (also at Grove).  For
night #7, Zack started dead last (7th) in the first heat.  On the
2nd lap, the steering broke going down the front stretch, so he
got a DNF.  That would mean he would have to try to transfer
out of the B-main into the A.  To do so, a driver has to finish the
B in the top 4.  The B is only 12 laps, so you don't have much
time if you start in the back.....which he did (well, almost the
back.  Started in 9th out of 12).  The car was set up pretty well
for the B, & Zack got up to 6th before there was a caution.  The
only problem was, there were only 3 laps left to clear the two
cars keeping him out of the A.  He got one of them, but needed
another lap or two to clear the 4th place car.  So, we were done
for the night.  We are so proud of Zack & the entire crew for the
great job they all did for our very first ASCS NW Speedweek.  
Zack managed to make it into the A-main 5 times out of 7 races
in 9 days at 5 different tracks.  Both times he missed
transferring into the A, it was only by one position.  He didn't
crash once, held off some very heavy hitters (Shane Stewart,
Travis Rilat, Roger Crockett, etc), & gained the respect of many.  
Several others were not so fortunate this week, ending up on
their lids, hospital trips, etc. Thank you, God, for keeping our boy
& crew safe & healthy for this very busy week.  On to Grays
Harbor for the ASCS 360 Nationals!
So many people to thank for coming to cheer Zack on this week!
Second to God, we have to give a HUGE thank you to our car
owner & primary sponsor, Sam & Toni Myers of Myers Logging,
Inc, Peterson CAT, Burke Logging, Armstrong Contract Cutting,
& Nacho's Restaurant.  Without our amazing sponsors, Zack
would not have this unbelievable opportunity.  Thank you all so
much for putting your confidence in our boy!  And to our
cheerleaders over the past week.... hopefully, I haven't forgotten
anyone:  Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Bill & Carol, Dennis &
Margie (who came all the way from Maryland.....& just because we
haven't had good nights at the track each time you have come,
does NOT mean it's because of you guys....You are NOT bad luck!),
Brian & Leah, Toni & Ali, Wrights & extended family, Matt,
Jarred & Gabi, Thistle family, Hooter, Rod & Johnnie, Travis &
Nick, DJ & his grandpa, Shannon, Clara, Erin, Brent, Donnie &
Merlyn, Earle family, Lisa Carter, & Trish & Taylor.  Whew....hope
to see you all soon at another race!

July 3, 2013
We spent Monday night in Medford for night #3 of Speedweek.  
It was 104 degrees & miserable.  There were a total of 28 cars.  
Zack had a great pill draw which put him on the pole for heat
race #3.  However, he ended up 5th because, as is common for
this track, something in the track cut his right rear tire down.  
Ron & Zack went out & walked the track after the heats were
over & discovered the cause.  There was a section of PVC pipe
sticking up out of the track on the front stretch!  Ron pulled the
whole thing out, & it was over 2 feet long!  We heard it got
several tires before it was found.  Because of his finish in the
heat, Zack had to run the B main to try to transfer into the A.  
He transferred & started dead last in the A main.  By the time
the A rolled around, the track surface had dramatically changed
for the better, at least for our set up.  Zack went from 20th to
12th, so the night ended much better than it started.  Then on
to night #4 at Coos Bay on Tuesday....26 cars signed in.  This
time, Zack drew the worst possible pill & started the 4th heat in
last place.  I don't even know how to describe the track surface at
Coos Bay, but it was horrible, especially early.  Zack ended his
heat in 5th place, just one position better than he started, & that
was only because Kyler Barazza flipped in front of him on the
last lap.  Thankfully, Kyler was ok.  His car was not.  This meant
Zack would have to run the B main again.  He had a great
starting position on the pole & just had to finish in the top 4 to
transfer.  No matter what the crew tried to help him get forward
bite, it didn't help, & he went backwards fast.  He was holding
4th place, & suddenly the car got a really bad push in turns 3 &
4.  He didn't hit a bump or cut a tire down or anything.  It just
suddenly & very quickly pushed up almost to the wall.  Zack kept
it off the wall, gathered it back up, & kept going as well as he
could, but the handling was just awful.  For the first time ever,
he wasn't going to be in the A main.  Kind of a yucky night, but
we know very well that these nights are just going to happen.  
The key is figuring out how to make them as infrequent as
possible.  On to Willamette Speedway tonight for night #5!

June 30, 2013
Friday night was night #1 of the 2013 ASCS Northwest
Speedweek!  The first two races were in Elma, WA at Grays
Harbor Raceway.  Zack got a good starting position for his heat
on Friday starting on the pole of the 4th heat.  He took off & had
a good lead, but a car spun on the first lap, so there was a
complete re-start.  On the re-start, Zack quickly got another
good lead when a couple of cars got together sending one of them
over, bringing out the red flag.  That put the #3 of J.J. Hickle on
the outside pole next to Zack.  J.J. got a better start than Zack &
took the lead.  Zack ended in 2nd place.  While 2nd is a good
finish, especially considering that he has never raced at this track
before, going backwards from where you start in the heat doesn't
give you any passing points.  However, when all the heats were
done, it was determined that Zack had automatically qualified
for the A main, so he didn't have to race his way in through the
B.  He was supposed to start 10th in the A, but a car dropped
out just before the race started, so Zack started in 9th.  He had
moved up as far as 6th when the left rear shock broke.  He just
went back from there until the end of the race, & ended in
11th.  Saturday Zack didn't get as good of a starting position for
his heat.  He started 5th out of 7 cars.  Several times he was
going to pass for 4th, but got pinched down & almost put into
the infield each time, so he ended where he started.  That still
qualified him to race in the A main, but further back than night
#1.  He started 15th out of 20 cars.  He had work to do for
sure.  He got a great start & started moving up pretty quickly.  
I'm not positive, but am fairly certainly he was in the top 10 at
one point.  He would pass a few cars & then a couple would pass
him back.  Then he would pass a couple again.  It was great, clean
racing.  He was able to finish the race in 13th.  So, while he
didn't get the end results he was hoping for, overall, he had a
good weekend.  Not much damage to speak of, raced well, &
rolled it into the trailer on all 4 tires.  The small crew we had
with us worked their butts off & gave him a good handling car
all weekend.  Sometimes, it just doesn't go your way.  Several
cars had much worse luck than we had for sure.  Can't complain.  
Thank you so very much to the Carters for making the trip with
us & to Myers Logging for sponsoring the necessary funding.  As
always, you all have gone above & beyond to make sure Zack is
able to continue doing what he loves.  We also got to spend a
little time with Trish & Taylor Rutherford at the track on
Saturday!  Thank you both for coming down & hanging out with
us.  We had a great time, & as usual, plenty of laughs in a short
visit!  Hope your whole family gets to come next time.  And a big
thank you to Grandma Elaine for letting Chili Dog have a few
sleepovers with Milo!  On to Medford, where the forecast is for
107 degrees....don't even want to think about it.

June 27, 2013
The car was really hooked up from the start last week.  The guys
had it perfect.  Zack qualified well with an 11.000 lap.  He was
in the trophy dash on the pole next to Brendan Boyce.  Behind
him was Garen Linder, & outside 2nd row was the fast-timer of
the night, Rob Held.  Zack took off & didn't look back, winning
the dash.  Then he went out for his heat starting in 3rd place.  
He was soon up to 2nd, but Kyle Miller was pretty far out front,
so he had his work cut out for him, especially considering it was
a heat race (not many laps).  Zack tracked him down, & they
proceeded to put down some awesome laps going back & forth
for the lead.  Kyle just barely got him at the line, but who cares
when the racing is that good & clean?!  The track vastly changed
between the heats & the mains, & the guys missed the set up for
the main.  Zack started 3rd, but unlike earlier in the night, there
was no traction on the bottom, so he got passed by a few cars
before he was able to put it on the top & find a decent groove for
the car.  He made his way back up & could keep up with most of
the front runners, but just didn't have the forward bite needed
to pass them.  So, he ended the night in 7th.  Not bad, but
definitely not what he was hoping for.  Oh well....on to ASCS
Northwest Speedweek!  Starting Friday, June 28th, we will have
7 races in 9 days at 5 different tracks between Southern Oregon
& Elma, Washington.  Here we go!
Thank you so much to those in attendance cheering the team on:  
Marv, Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Grandpa Warren, the
Wrights, Jarred Brown, Brittney Davis, Bill & Carol Myers, Zach
& Lisa Carter, Gary & Geneva, Steve Smith & kids, Fred Stauffer
& Meg, & Allan & Jaime.  We appreciate you all so much!  Keep
it up! :-)

June 21, 2013
Last Saturday was Relay for Life night at the Cottage Grove
Speedway.  Several hundred dollars were raised.  It was a great
night for the ACS & the STM Racing team as well.  Zack qualified
about mid-pack in 5th out of 11 cars who put up a time in the
360 class.  His quickest time was an 11.032.  He got 2nd in his
heat.  The car looked good.  Zack started 4th in the main out of
13 cars.  He did amazing.  He quickly found a good line for his
car, drove awesome the entire race, & finished in 2nd place
behind Roger Crockett.  It was a fantastic night!
A huge thanks to our cheerleaders this week who came to support
us:  Grandpa Warren, Darr & Shannon Sheets (on Darr's 29th
birthday even!), Max & Clara Kuhn, Brent Gustafson, Steve Smith
& kiddos, Grandma Elaine, & Rolene & Mike Brinkmeyer.  We're
SO GLAD Brent & the Kuhns FINALLY got to come to a race
after all these years & that when they did, Zack & the team gave
them a good show!  Way to go, guys!  See you all in Cottage
Grove this Saturday for more 360 action.

June 10, 2013
Brief re-cap of ASCS Northwest 360 racing from Willamette
Speedway on May 31st & Cottage Grove Speedway on June
1st...Zack did great & has started off the ASCS 2013 season in
8th place for points.  It's his goal to be in the top 5 at the end of
the season.  It's not going to be easy, but the team works hard &
learns something about this new car every week that makes it
better.  It's a lofty goal, but they can do it.
SCHEDULE CHANGE:  A 360 race has been added to the Cottage
Grove schedule for June 15th.  See you all there!
Also, for the foreseeable future, we will not be running the
wingless car.

May 30, 2013
Note to self:  Never head up to race in Washington if there is
ANY forecasted chance of precipitation.  We drove up on
Saturday with the hope of racing at Grays Harbor on Saturday
as well as Sunday evening.  Neither one happened thanks to
Mother Nature.  Goody.  No moisture in sight for this weekend,
so we'll give it a shot at Willamette Speedway on Friday, May
31st & Cottage Grove Speedway on Saturday.  Hope to see you
all at one or both!

May 18, 2013
Well, Zack & most of the crew were headed to Grays Harbor for
360 racing, but it got rained out on the way up.  No racing for
us this weekend thanks to the dreaded 'R' word.  At least they
didn't make it all the way up there before they found out.  Oh
well....now the whole family can be together for Josh's baseball
game this afternoon.  Have a great week.  We'll be back at it
(hopefully) for two days of 360 racing at Grays Harbor next

May 14, 2013
Qualifying was awesome this week.  Zack qualified 3rd out of 12
total qualifying cars.  There were a few others who didn't go out
to time in.  He got 2nd in his heat, but by the time the main
rolled around, he had absolutely ZERO forward bite.  He came
across the line in 8th, but ended up getting 10th as he had hit
the cone on a restart & got penalized 2 positions.  Ugh.  The
guys will get a handle on this new car.  I just hope, as I'm sure
they do, that it's sooner rather than later.
Thank you so much for coming out & cheering Zack on:  Marv,
Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Davis family, Wright family,
Bill, Carol, & Buddy Myers.
Zack & the crew will be back at it this coming Saturday, this
time at Grays Harbor.  

May 6, 2013
The wingless night went ok.  Qualifying was not great, but not
too bad.  He qualified 7th out of 14 total.  The car seemed really
tight all evening until the main, but he was still able to get 2nd
in his heat.  That put him on the outside 2nd row for the main
in a field of 16 cars (2 of the limiteds tagged the back of the
pack).  Zack couldn't really get any traction on the top like he
normally can, so he went back pretty quickly, but got something
figured out about half way through & started picking them off.
Made his way back up to 8th & went for it a little too hard &
high in turn 3 & spun right off the top of the track but kept it
off the wall. Had to restart in the back with only 2 laps to go &
got 8th (since there were several lapped cars, & Zack wasn't one
of them). Pretty proud of him for just going for it & not
completely playing it safe.
Cheerleaders in attendance this week were Bill & Carol Myers,
Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Marv, Brittney, Tom & Patti,
Lisa, Zach, Kari, & Brian & Leah from Peterson CAT.  Thank you
all so very much for your support!

April 29, 2013
Well, we made it through the first 360 winged sprint weekend
of the 2013 season.  Basically, qualifying went fantastic,
especially the second night.  The first night, Zack qualified 6th
out of 22 cars with a 12.380.  The second night, he qualified
5th out of 24 cars with an 11.209!  The car looked great.  
However, from the heat races on, the set up just wasn't there to
get the forward bite he needed.  Both nights, he ended the heats
in the same position he started.  Friday, Zack started the main
in 13th & ended in 12th.  Saturday, he started 16th &
finished 17th.  Somewhat of a rough weekend result-wise with
the new car.  However, he's in one piece & so is the car.  The
crew just has to learn how to set this car up to give Zack the
best possible chance for victory.  It will come.
Thank you so much to returning sponsors:  Myers Logging, Inc,
Armstrong Contract Cutting, & Peterson CAT!  We would not be
out there at all without your support.
We would also like to thank those who came to the track to
cheer us on, as well as crew members: Sam, Brad, Matt, Bill, &
Carol Myers, Bill & Carol's friend, Lindsey (probably butchered
that spelling...sorry!), Kirk & Zach Carter, Kevin Solesbee,
Grandma Elaine, Marv Durham, Tom & Patti Wright, Katherine,
Richard, DJ, Erica, & James Poole, Maddie, Brock & Jake
Ferguson, Gloria, Joe, Brittney Davis, & a HUGE SURPRISE visit
from Uncle Darr & Aunt Shani Sheets!
See you all at Cottage Grove Speedway this Saturday for some
Wingless Sprint racing.

October 9, 2012
Our last race of the season was at Cottage Grove Speedway on Sept 29th.  It was
an incredibly fast track, especially early in the night, of course.  Zack had the two
fastest qualifying laps he has ever had there....11.018 & 10.871!  However, like I
said, it was a very fast track, so 4 of the remaining 16 cars who were there in time for
qualifying went even faster.  Zack came into the night 46 points out of the
championship points lead after missing the first 360 race of the season.  Kyle Miller,
the points leader, had motor issues in hot laps ending his night.  Zack definitely was
going to have his work cut out for him if he was going to make up that many points,
even with Kyle being out for the night.  Also, Brent Hoover came into the night in 3rd
place only 9 points behind Zack.  It was going to be a close points finish for sure.  
Zack did great in his heat race, getting 2nd with Brent getting 3rd.  Zack started the
main outside 3rd row in 6th place in a field of 18 cars.  Brent started right in front of
him in 4th.  On turn 1 of the 2nd lap, Zack spun, thankfully not hitting anyone, & no
one hit him.  But that meant that he would have to restart in the back.....DANG!!  He
was able to make it back up to 8th before the race ended.  Brent finished in 5th
place.  The points battle was done & very close, just like we knew it would be.  Zack
finished the season in 2nd place, just 7 points behind Kyle, & only 6 points in front of
Brent.  Great job to all 3 drivers for the season, as well as all who raced together so
cleanly all year!
In attendance at this race cheering Zack on were Grandma Elaine, Marv,
Toni, Brad, Bill, & Carol Myers (Ali, we missed our crew chief!).  As always,
thank you all so much for your support, thank you as well to the fans who
we don't know who are cheering for Zack, & a HUGE THANK YOU to Jesus
for keeping our boy safe on the track each week!
Now, to attempt to adequately thank our crew & sponsors........it's just not
possible.  Because of all of you, Zack was able to race 29 times this season
at several tracks.  While we had a lot of valleys this season with the new
car, like you read above, we were still able to bring it home in 2nd place
after missing a race.  It is thanks to crew members & sponsors that he was
able to race at all this year.  We are very humbled that each of you feel that
Zack is worthy of your support, whether it be monetarily or your time spent
cheering him on at one or more races this season, or the oh-sooooo-much
time spent working on the cars each week to try to ensure they are ready to
race, & of course, thank you to all of the crews' families who sacrificed so
much time without your loved ones for our sake.  Please accept our very
heartfelt 'thank you' for your amazing support this year:  (Crew) Ron, Kevin
Solesbee, Sam Myers, Kirk Carter, Ali Myers, Brad Myers, Zach Carter, &
Lane Carter.  (Sponsors)  Myers Logging, Inc,
Peterson CAT, Armstrong
Contract Cutting,
GANT Custom Homes, Burke Logging, kNio Personal
ECO-Machine Technologies, Nacho's Restaurant, Fins Drive-In, &
Hull Family Photography.  Now comes the time for complete car tear-downs,
motor freshening, & the list goes on & on.  We have been so honored to be
able to proudly represent all of you, & pray that we will have the privilege of
continuing to do so in the 2013 season.  May God bless you all personally as
well as professionally in the coming year.  We will be in touch, & thank you
again!  You will never know how you have touched our lives.

September 26, 2012
Wow....I am waaayy behind in updating the site.  First, to the details of the final ISCS
SPEEDWAY!!  The track surface, while still a little rough, was VASTLY improved
from the state it had been in each week of this season up to the point when the city
shut the place down.  Zack qualified 12th out of 22 cars, got 3rd in his heat, started
in 13th in the main, & made his way up to finish 8th.  The crew has really learned a
LOT this season about the set-up for this car, & because of that, Zack is getting
more & more comfortable in it.  The points aren't updated yet, so I don't know where
we finished.  With all of the issues we had this season, we'll be happy no matter
where we end up!
On to last Saturday, Sept 22nd.  The first thing I want to say is thank you so very
much to Heath Shelton & anyone else who helped him in the track prep for this
race.  That was the smoothest track Zack has EVER raced on!  FANTASTIC JOB!  
This was a wingless night.  Normally, Zack always drives our car (the Limited) on
wingless nights.  It's a GREAT wingless car, & he never wants to drive the 360
wingless in case something happens to it, since it is our sponsor's car.  Sam decided
Zack was going to drive the 360 this time, so he went for it.  There were 22 cars.  
Zack qualified 7th, which was a great way to start the night.  He started 6th in his
heat & got 2nd.  Then he started 7th in the main, pretty quickly made it up to 2nd on
the bottom.  However, he stayed on the bottom just a little too long & started getting
passed.  By the end of the race, he ended in 6th.  He said the car was really good, &
he had a lot of fun.  Now, he knows the 360 is a great car wingless & that he can be
comfortable in it with or without wings.
There were many cheerleaders with us over the last 2 races.  Thank you so
much to all who were at the track rooting for Zack:  Grandma Elaine, Marv,
Toni & Brad Myers, Brian & Leah Barnes, Lisa, Zach, & Angie Carter, Keith &
Melinda Roth, Bill & Janet (It was Bill's birthday.  Thank you for spending it
with us, Bill!:-), Bill & Carol Myers, Grandma Pam, Laurie, Kelly, Braedon, &
Austin Casto, Geri Stone, Tom & Patti Wright, Kathryn, Jeremy, Alicia, &
We just found out Zack is 2nd in points in the 360 class at Cottage Grove
Speedway.  We had no idea, & with all of the ups & downs we've had this season, we
are very pleased.  One more race in the season scheduled for this Saturday, Sept
29th.  It's a 360 race at the Grove.  Come cheer him on!

September 10, 2012
The crew worked hard & got the brakes fixed!  They didn't know if they were fixed
until Zack went out to pack the track Sunday night though.  Whew!  There were 33
cars signed in to race with the ISCS & ASCS NW 360s at Willamette.  29 of them put
up a qualifying time.  Zack qualified 13th; not bad, but not particularly good either.  
He got 4th in his heat, started 14th in the main, & ended in 6th, so it really was a
fantastic night compared with how Saturday night at Banks went.  Zack had a great
time in the car, & like the rest of us, felt some relief that we were back to having
good results at the track.  On Labor Day, we took both cars to the track because the
wingless cars were running as well as the World of Outlaws, & Zack really wanted to
run both....even though it would mean he had to jump out of one car & into the other
since they were the only 2 classes running for the entire night.  There were 31
wingless cars, & Zack qualified 8th with his limited motor!  He started his
heat race in
6th & won!  However, just after Zack passed the leader, that car lost his header &
muffler going into turn 1.  Apparently, the flagger didnt' see it, & since it happened
behind Zack, he didn't see it either.  When he came around to take the white flag for
one more lap, he set the car to go into turn 1, saw the parts in turn 1, but there was
nothing he could do at that point.  He ran over it, bicycled, but kept going.  Although
it flattened Zack's left front tire, he was able to win the race.  He finally got the car off
the track for the next race (which he was in), hopped out of the limited & into the 360
for his next heat, & got lined up.  He started in the back of that race (8th) & stayed
there.....definitely underpowered with the 410s.  We had absolutely no outrageous
expectations with him running with the Outlaws.  Just wanted to go out & have fun &
use it for seat time.  He had qualified 22nd out of 24 cars in the Outlaw class for the
night.  He started 22nd in the main, ran every lap, only got lapped by the leader &
2nd place (& not until lap 23 of the 30 lap main), & ended in 17th place.  It was a
GREAT night!  In response to Tim Kaeding's question after the races wanting to
know if Zack had fun, he told him, "Yes!  That's the most fun I've ever had in the
car!"  Other than Saturday, it was an awesome race weekend again!
We feel so very blessed to be able to have this opportunity to allow Zack to
pursue his dream with as much seat time as possible....all to get him where
he eventually wants to be.....on tour with the World of Outlaws as his career
choice.  We can't say 'thank you' enough to our sponsors for this season.  
We would not have even had a season this year without you all!
In attendance on one or more nights last weekend to cheer for Zack were:  
Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Marv, Leo, the Wrights, several members of
the Myers family....In fact, we even had the pleasure of meeting Dennis &
Marge who traveled all the way from Boston, MA for a family visit & came to
the track 2 nights!.....also, the Poole family & Maddie, Kelly & Chelsea Casto,
& Geri Stone.  I am so sorry if I forgot someone!
With all of this said, a few days ago, it became known that the Cottage
Grove Speedway is going to be able to open & finish the season under the
direction of Jerry Schram.  So, rather than racing with the ISCS 360s in
Medford this coming weekend, the race has been moved to Cottage
Grove.  Be there!

September 2, 2012
Well, the crew headed back to Banks yesterday.  You know the saying, 'when it
rains, it pours'?  It's very true.  We started out with a fuel leak in hot laps.....a big
one.  Fixed that, but also discovered Zack had no brakes.  They fought it all night.  
Zack got 2nd in his heat even without brakes, started last in the B-Dash & stayed
there.  That put him starting dead last in the main (12th).  He was able to pass a
couple of cars to finish 10th, but still.....no brakes.  He had to take it easy all night
because of that.  Don't want to be a danger to himself or anyone else on the track.  
So, the crew is working hard right now trying to get the problem fixed, so we can race
at Willamette Speedway tonight with the ISCS & ASCS sprints.  We shall see.  

August 27, 2012
We ventured up to Banks, Oregon to Sunset Speedway for the first time on Saturday
for a wingless race with the limited car.  Zack qualified 4th out of 12 cars...not bad.  
Trophy dashes are run after the heats there.  He started 5th out of 6 cars in his
heat, was in 4th place when everyone bunched up in turn 2 & decided they were all
going for the same inch of track at the same time.  The pile-up started, but they all
got through.  He was shoved to the back then, though.  Before the end of the race,
he made it back up to 3rd, so it turned out pretty well.  He went out & won the dash
after that.  He had a pretty good starting position for the main....inside 2nd row in 3rd
place.  It took him a few laps, but he made it up to 2nd.  However, shortly after that,
he bobbled & 3rd place got under him to take 2nd.  He left the bottom open once
more & ended the race in 4th place, but we were all very happy with that compared
with the last several race night results.  
This coming weekend is going to be very busy.  We will head back to Banks on
Saturday, this time with the 360 to run with the ISCS cars.  Then, Zack will run both
cars on Sunday at Willamette (the 360 with the ISCS as well as ASCS cars & the
limited with the wingless cars).  Finally, after full exhaustion, he's going to have to dig
deep & find some energy for Monday night racing with the World of Outlaw sprints at
Willamette.  They are all 410 sprints, & he will be racing the 360, so we don't have
high expectations.  Just really using the race for seat time.  Hope to see you all some
time this weekend at one or both of the tracks!

August 16, 2012
Ugh.....tired of these kinds of posts.  The team travelled down to Yreka, CA to race
with the ISCS 360 Sprints.  Zack didn't qualify too well (14th out of 22 cars).  He then
won his heat race & started 13th (don't have any idea why it wasn't 14th) in the
main.  On initial start, the car directly in front of Zack got completely sideways....Zack
went all the way to the back by the time that car was out of the way, was going along
pretty well getting by other cars. On the front stretch, Zack was low, another car was
mid to high line, & a 3rd car decided to put his nose in the middle where there wasn't
room for a 3rd car to race, especially with the rut in turn 1. He got his left front right
in front of Zack's right rear & sent him
flipping down the front stretch. He was fine,
but of course, the car needs repairs....plenty of them.  Twenty-one cars started the
main, & only 9 finished.  Wreck-a-palooza!  Rather than trying to piece the car
together hastily (even though a couple different racers offered parts to keep us
racing in Medford the next night) just so we could race in Medford before heading
home, the guys decided to pack it in & head home Saturday after breakfast.  That
way, they could tear the car down completely, make sure they don't overlook
something & really take their time before the next race.
Initially, we had decided to make the next race weekend Labor Day weekend, but we
may be racing somewhere (not sure of the location yet) the last weekend of this
month.  I will update when we have a definite plan.
Thank you so much to everyone who offered help with the car as well as to
the whole crew for making the trip & putting in all of your hard work week in
& week out!  Also, to Lisa Carter for keeping Josh & I company in the
stands.  And, of course, to Grandma Elaine for staying back home with Chili
Dog & going above & beyond by shampooing the carpet!  We love you

August 8, 2012
It's beyond time for an update!  On July 28th, Zack raced in Medford with the ISCS
360 sprints.  It was his first race with our new shocks, so we knew it would probably
not only take him some time to get the feel for them, but also take the crew a little
time to get them set where he likes them.  He struggled in qualifying getting 10th out
of 14 cars.  They made some adjustments, & he won his heat race.  Then he raced
in the "Fast Dash" to determine starting position for the first 4 rows of the main.  He
was set to start the main in 5th place.  Immediately after the dash, we were done.  
Yet another driveline failure.  Ugh.....
With our driveline issue hopefully permanently remedied, we went on to race with the
360s in Cottage Grove Speedway on August 4th.  Where to start.......well, the track
was the roughest it has ever been, at least since we have raced there.  Not only
rough because of the giant holes & bumps, but the rocks did so much damage to
our car by the end of the night, that it really ends up costing not just a little bit more
to race than you get, but A LOT more.  We realize it would be foolish to be in racing
to make money at this level, but to repeatedly have your car literally pummeled &
rattled to pieces, is just crazy & more than the team is willing to continue to do week
in & week out.  We can not afford to continually put hundreds of dollars in the car
EVERY WEEK, & as much as we want to race for our fans who always come to
support us in Cottage Grove, as well as our sponsors, until the track surface really
improves, we will not be racing there.  We'll find somewhere though!
As far as how the night went, Zack qualified 6th out of 13 cars, won his heat, started
on the outside pole position for the main, right next to Mitch Olson,& with Kyle Miller
right behind him.  On the green, Zack tucked in right behind Mitch, & the two of them
took off, pretty quickly lapping several cars.  Then Kyle caught up to Zack, & they
were racing each other cleanly.  Zack had the advantage on the outside & would pull
away on the straight.  Then going into turns 1 & 2, the car in front of Zack was very
slow coming out of turn 2, & Zack had to check up to avoid hitting him & started to
spin.  Kyle didn't slow or check up & got into Zack, bringing out the red flag, as he
flipped.  Zack had to re-start at the back of the field, but because there were several
lapped cars, & he was still scored on the lead lap, he was in 6th place.  Jesse Thistle
was driving our limited & was in 5th place.  Zack passed Jesse for 5th, & before the
end of the race 3rd & 4th place had race-ending issues, so Zack got 3rd.  Not a bad
finish, but the car was needing multiple repairs.  In fact, we discovered last night that
one of our brand new shocks needs to be sent in for repairs.  Even though we
wrapped foam padding around the shocks to protect them, rocks penetrated the
foam denting & bending one.
Thank you very much to those who have come to cheer Zack on the last
couple of weeks:  Angela & Alex Solesbee, Lisa Carter, Grandma Elaine, Bill,
Carol, Buddy, & Brad Myers, Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney, & the Henage
family.  Thanks also to the fans at Cottage Grove who come each week to
support us!  We very much want to be there to put on a good show for you
all.  So hopefully, conditions will improve soon, & it will make financial
sense to begin racing there once again.

July 25, 2012
Good riddance, Speedweek 2012!  Saturday night, Zack was racing the 360 at
Cottage Grove.  He qualified mid-pack.  He went out &
won his heat race.  
Finally......positive results again!  For the main, he was slated to start on the pole &
knew it would be a good race.  There were some fast cars up front with him.  When
he was pushed out onto the track, he came around, & we all heard something
wrong.  Zack pulled back into the pits (which means if he is able to go back out, he
has to start at the rear of the field).  As it turned out, the ground wire had come off of
the mag box.  The crew temporarily fixed it, & it stayed connected enough that he
went from 9th place to 4th by the end of the race.  Almost had 3rd a couple times.  
Good racing, everyone!  While Zack & the crew were bummed that they would have
had a better chance at winning their first 360 main event their first season in the car,
we were all very happy & proud at how well Zack came up through the field.  The win
will have to wait for another day.  It will happen when it's supposed to happen.  Can't
be greedy.  On to Medford this Saturday for an ISCS 360 race!
Thanks to the fans who came to cheer &/or help in the pits:  Myers family,
Carter family, Tom Wright & friend, Grandma Elaine, Casto family, & Geri
Stone.  If I forgot someone, please forgive me....it's been a stressful week!

July 21, 2012
To put it simply, it's been a rather poopy speedweek!:-)  Wednesday night, Zack
drew another bad pill, starting last in his heat race.  Then the crew determined they
had the wrong gears in for that race, so he didn't go anywhere.  He started 10th out
of 12 in the B-Main, was moving up FAST & immediately, & then the flagger called
the start back (no idea why).  On the re-start, Zack wheel-hopped Marissa Earle &
hit the front stretch wall.  Ugh:-(.  It seems like after the hit at Lebanon earlier in the
week, there was a crack in the jacob's ladder mount that they didn't see.  Then after
climbing Mt. Everest in turn one at Cottage Grove several times, it didn't take much
to break that mount.  We were done for the night.  Long story short, we are ready to
go again, so we're just about ready to leave for the track.  Praying things turn
around tonight!
Thank you so much to those who came to watch, & hopefully, you will be back again
to see the night turn out well!:-)

July 18, 2012
I've gotten a little behind on updating the site this week.  It's SPEEDWEEK 2012!!  
Because time is limited, I'll just say, in the 3 nights of racing we've had since July
13th, we've had a few issues, both with a front-end-killing wreck at Lebanon the first
night of speedweek, as well as another failing drive line for night #2 at the same
track.  Last night, we raced at Coos Bay Speedway & didn't do too badly.  Zack
started in 6th place out of 7 cars in his heat race & finished in 5th.  He was even
able to hold off Shane Stewart in that race:-).  Then he started in 12th place out of
21 cars for the main & finished 11th.  He would pass a couple, then get passed
back, then pass a car or two, etc.  He fared much better than several drivers in the
main though.  There were a couple of red flags & several broken cars.  He was,
fortunately, not part of any of them.  Tonight, it's on to Cottage Grove Speedway for
another ASCS race.  Here we come, Grove!
Amongst the last 3 races, we were blessed to have the company of the
Myers family, Grandma Elaine, Marv, the Poole family, Martin Korstadt & Sue
Rogers from
ECO-Machine Technologies, Aunt Jean Solesbee visiting from
Texas, Lisa Carter & friends, Grandpa Warren, and the Wrights.  Most of the
team also got the opportunity to meet Ray Hull from
Hull Family Photography
at the Coos Bay Speedway.  We've seen some of his work, & his photos are
See you all tonight at the track:-).

July 9, 2012
What a FANTASTIC night at the track!  Zack ran both cars, one in the Wingless
Sprint class & one in the 360 class.  He qualified 4th out of 13 cars in the 360 class
& 3rd out of 8 cars to qualify in the Wingless class.  That put him in both trophy
dashes.  He
won both races!  So, the night started off great.  Then he went out for
the Wingless heat race & won it as well!  He ended the 360 heat race in 4th out of 6
cars after he got a little too high in turns 1 & 2 & went "off-roading" out & around the
tower.  He immediately took the car to the pits to make sure the car was structurally
fine.  He thought he may have messed up the right rear wheel, but the crew checked
it over & sent him right back out to re-start with just one lap left.  He passed two cars
to get 4th.  Zack started the 360 main outside 3rd row in 6th place.  He drove a
clean race & fought hard & got 3rd.  Then the Wingless main had him starting
outside 3rd row in the same 6th position as the other race.  He did great, kept his
nose clean, & got 2nd.
Thank you, Lord, for an amazing, safe, fun, & successful night of racing once again.  
We had SO MANY cheerleaders in attendance this week.  By far, the most we've
ever had:  The Myers family, Debi, Sydney, Sami, & Sierra Stone, Lisa & Angie
Carter, Grandma Elaine, Grammy Pam, Marv, Ron & Alisa Strubel, Tom & Patti
Wright, Don & Merlyn Wright, Hayden & Tanner Gaffney, Kelly & Chelsea Casto &
friend Ali, & Geri Stone.  We also had Lane & Zach Carter as well as Jon
Drinkwater's help in the pits in addition to our usual crew (Ron, Kevin, Sam, Kirk, &
Ali).  I know Zach is actually in the pits helping out quite often.   We greatly
appreciate it!  Any time any or all of you would like to help out, I know the crew would
welcome it.

July 7, 2012
Finally getting to the update for Wednesday's race in Lebanon.  Zack qualified 11th
out of 30 cars, so that wasn't too bad.  Then he started 4th in his heat race & got
2nd, so he automatically made it into the A main without having to race his way in
from the B.  That was his entire goal for the night.  Good so far.  The motor wasn't
responding right away though when he would mash the throttle.  He started in 11th
place out of 20 in the A Main, was able to get to the top pretty quickly, but couldn't
get any grip at all.  He transitioned to the bottom where he was able to get grip, but
unless the car in front of him made a mistake, he wasn't going to have a chance of
getting anywhere.  He had to try to go around on the outside.  It just didn't work.  He
ended the race in 13th, & wasn't very happy with that.  The crew thinks they have
the issues fixed.  Zack is currently in 3rd place in points for the ISCS cars.  We'll be
running in the 360s as well as the Wingless sprints tonight in Cottage Grove.
Thank you to all who came to support us on Wednesday:  Myers family, Tom
& Patti Wright, Lisa & Angie Carter, Jon Drinkwater, Jarred Brown & his
girlfriend, Katie.  An extra BIG THANK YOU to Grandma Elaine for sitting with
Chili Dog at the house making sure he wouldn't lose his little doggy mind
since it was July 4th.  We now know that he will be fine if we are racing next
year on July 4th.
See everyone tonight at the Grove!

June 20, 2012
Zack was completely worn out after racing Saturday.  He ran both cars, as both 360s
& Limiteds were running in Cottage Grove.  Overall, it was a good night.  He qualified
2nd in both classes & got 2nd in both heat races.  Then the Limited main came
around.  Zack got 4th in that race & 2nd in the 360 main.  There were a couple of
flips in the sprint classes.....Jesse Thistle in the Limiteds & Todd Zeitler in the 360s.  
From what I understand, both are fine physically.  In fact, Jesse had a lot of help in
the pits & was able to get back out to run in the 360 main.  One of the Hornet class
drivers hit the cement wall head on right in front of us as well.  He was finally taken to
the hospital in Cottage Grove.  I was told one of the news stations reported that he
has some fairly significant neck & heel injuries & will be having surgery.  I hope you
will join me in praying for his quick recovery.  I have no idea what took the
ambulance so long to get to the track.  The medical services there seem to be very
Thank you so much to all who attended & cheered Zack on this week:  Marv
& Dalton, Granda Elaine, Grandpa Ron who was visiting from Wyoming, the
Myers family, the Carter family, Geri Stone, Kelly & Chelsea Casto & friend,
Ally, & Scott & Shelley.  You guys are awesome!
With all of this said, thanks to our amazing friends at Myers Logging, Zack
has been blessed to be able to get seat time this season in the Myers
Logging KPC 360 car.  Therefore, rather than run both classes, we have
decided to sell the Eagle roller.  It has been a GREAT car to start with &
really learn with.  Here are the specifics on the car:  

1999 Eagle 86 40 straight rail Sprint car roller for sale. XYZ rear bars,
Winters front hubs, Franklin 4.86 rear end with black long spline axle,
sureloc shifter Butler full containment seat, 14.5, outlaw rear caliper just
resealed last year, KSE steering box, wing slider and valve, spare nose
wing, spare winters short spline rear-end 4.86. Griffin full size radiator,
Teltac, 33 gallon tank with bladder, top wing, Waterman fuel pump. This car
won the Limited Championship last year at Cottage Grove Speedway. $4000.

Ron Spaulding
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June 12, 2012
First of all, let me say how blown away we all were at the transformation of Willamette
Speedway!!  AMAZING job so far.  We were very impressed & will gladly return to
race there again.
Now, to the details of the night....There were thirteen 410 sprints, Zack in the 360, &
Jesse Thistle in his Limited.  The track was really very good, & we had the right
gearing in for hot laps, but not so good for qualifying.  Although, he did qualify 11th
even with the wrong gears in.  That put him on the pole for the 1st heat race.  Holy
cow, those 410s are soooo fast!!  Zack went back but had a great time racing with
the #22nz for 6th place out of 8 cars.  They gave each other plenty of room, & in the
end, Zack got him on the last lap.  The track was drying out & slicking off quickly, so
it was back to the drawing board for the team to get the set-up as good as possible
for the main.  He would be starting deep in the field in 11th place, so he was going to
have his hands full trying to make any ground at all with the 410s.  He did great, &
although he got lapped by a couple of the really fast cars (Shane Stewart &
Jonathan Allard), he did manage to hold off some of the other very fast cars.  He got
in the groove up high & was going to finish 11th...same place he started, but just
after the white flag dropped & he was getting ready to pitch it into turn 1, the snap
ring in the u-joint blew out & the driveline came out of the rearend.  He was done for
the night.  We're very proud of him though.  He immediately shut it down & pulled
into the pits rather than causing a last lap caution or getting in the way.  He finished
in 12th & because Jesse broke sooner than Zack's car, Zack got the $300 bonus for
the highest finishing 360.  Good thing since we've got some pretty expensive repairs
to make before Saturday at the Grove.  Speaking of that, we will be racing 360s as
well as Limiteds this weekend.  Grandpa Ron will be visiting from Wyoming, so he will
get to come to his first ever sprint car race & see Zack drive something besides a
In attendance last night, we had Bill, Carol, & Brad Myers, Marv, Mark from
Armstrong Concrete Cutting, & some of the Brown family.  Thank you all so
much for showing up! And thank you so much to Grandma Elaine for taking
Josh to his baseball game & staying with him until we got home late last
night!  You're a life-saver:-).

June 11, 2012
Hmmm....where to start?  Well, I guess the night of racing with the 410s started off
ok.  The track was much better in turns 3 & 4, but still pretty rough in 1 & 2.  There
were initially fourteen 410 sprints, three 360s, & a limited 360.  Zack qualified 15th,
which was the 2nd fastest 360 qualifying time.  There were two 10-lap heats with 9
cars in each heat.  Zack was in the first heat where he started outside 4th row in 8th
place.  He was going along fine, sticking right with the 410s & not getting lapped,
when he pulled into the infield.  As it turns out, he ran out of fuel 7 laps into his heat
race!  I said, "Ok....who's grounded?"  Ron said they were basing their decision not
to add more fuel on the previous night's fuel mileage.  Well, they didn't stop to think
about how the track was TERRIBLE that night, & he wasn't ever full throttle, or really
even close to it.  He was clearly going to use much more fuel this time.  So, they
learned their lesson:-).  Seventeen cars started the main, with Zack starting dead
last.  I think he was probably glad to start in the back of that field of cars.  He doesn't
like to get in the way, & by starting in the back, he can kind of lay back & avoid the
chaos that very often happens mid-pack.  It didn't take long either!  Three laps into
the race, there was a caution, & Zack had already made it up to 13th.  He did
AMAZING!  He finished the race in 10th.  We were all very proud of him.  I just love
that CRAZY kid!  When you look at the big picture, there aren't many kids who would
have the courage to even get out there with the big boys.  He does it, & holds his
own with them.  Now, we just have to pray that the same can be said tonight.  After
school, we're headed to Willamette Speedway in Lebanon for another night of racing
with the 410s.  He has two finals tomorrow.  Hopefully, he's prepared for them &
doesn't sleep through them after the late night we will have tonight!  He has never
raced at Willamette.
Thank you to our loyal cheerleaders who showed up last night:  Grandma
Elaine, Bill, Carol, Brad, & Buddy Myers, DJ Poole, & Scott & Shelley.  An
extra HUGE thank you to Tim Kaeding for all of the advice on car set-up, as
well as for the tires he gave us!  The crew was already doing most of what
he mentioned, but not everything.  It helped so much!  You're a class act,
Mr. Kaeding:-).

June 10, 2012
What a crazy night that was!  All I can say is wow.......we have never seen a rougher
track.  The night didn't start out great.  Zack went out for hot laps, smashed the
throttle, & the left front wheel came off.  No real damage done, thank goodness.  He
went back out for qualifying, & didn't do bad considering the track surface.  He
qualified 5th out of 7 cars, which didn't exactly make him happy;-).  He sets the bar
pretty high for himself.  It really was a combination of moguls on the track & a crazy
tight race car.  He went out for the heat starting in 5th & didn't go anywhere.  Just
kept literally bouncing around the corners.  It was a miracle he & others didn't flip
(like the 10J did in hot laps).  They just kept working the track between the races &
trying to smooth it out.  Thank goodness they worked on it just before the 360 main,
so it was somewhat better for that race.  The guys loosened his car up A LOT for
that race.  So, with the looser car & smoother track, he was actually able to make
some progress.  Zack started 5th & made it up to 3rd.  Like Sam said, "That was
actually just as good as a win on this track."  Tonight, we're back at the Grove to run
the 360 with the California Goldenstate 410s.  I pray that the conditions are better
than last night.  Come down & find out!
Thanks goes to the loyal group who came to support us last night:  Grandma Elaine,
Marv, Tom Wright (no Patti since she was at home recovering from knee
replacement), Bill, Brad, Buddy, Hooter, & Matt Myers, the Poole family, as well as
our newest "fan club" members, Scott & Shelley.  They enjoyed it so much, they're
coming back tonight!  We appreciate you all so much!
A HUUUUGE thank you goes to Peterson CAT as our most recent sponsor.  It
is unbelievable how much money this sport takes.  We can't thank our
sponsors enough & as always, promise to make you proud to be part of the

June 8, 2012
Oops....hadn't updated since last week's race.  The team loaded up & was going to
take the 360 to Coos Bay to race the 2nd ISCS series show, but Coos Bay rained
out at the last minute.  Soooo, back to the shop they went to switch cars & take the
Limited to Cottage Grove to race.  The night started out great.  Zack set the fast
time of the night with an 11.77.  Then he got 2nd in the trophy dash & won the
In the main, he started outside 3rd row in 6th position & was up to 3rd by turn 2 of
the 1st lap.  Then the car just would not hook up.  It was pushing baaad.  He was
having a very hard time turning it.  He could catch the leader, but she would pull
away coming out of the corners.  He fought it the whole time & was going for the lead
again in turn 4 with 4 laps left when the car actually turned....only a little too far.  He
spun & had to go to the back for the re-start, but not before he went to the pits,
because of a problem with the wing posts.  He was going to have to re-start in the
back anyway, so he didn't lose anything by going to the pits to get it checked out.  
There were 9 cars total, & he made it back up to 6th, almost 5th, but not quite before
the checkered flag flew.  Congratulations to Allison Journey on her first sprint car
main event win!
Thanks goes to Grandma Elaine, Bill & Carol Myers, Toni, Brad, & Buddy
Myers, & Tom & Patti Wright for coming to the track to be our cheering
section for the night.  You are all appreciated so much, in addition to our
awesome pit crew:-).
We are supposed to race the 360 in Cottage Grove Sat, June 9th, with other 360s,
Sunday, June 10th, with the California Golden State 410 Sprints, & Monday, June
11th in Lebanon at Willamette Speedway, again with the 410s.  We'll see if the
weather holds out.  Nothing has been called off yet!

May 22, 2012
Saturday the team traveled to the Southern Oregon Speedway in Medford for the
first ISCS 360 race of the season.  Josh & I didn't get to go, because he had a
baseball game in Eugene.  Qualifying didn't go as well as they had hoped it would.  
Zack qualified in 10th.  He is still getting a feel for the power of the 360 & the
different car.  It definitely doesn't happen over night.  I believe there were 14 sprints
total.  Zack had the advantage of an outside pole starting position for the heat &
won.  Then he was supposed to start outside of the 5th row in 10th position for the
main, but a car dropped out, so that moved the outside line up, which made him start
in 8th.  He was able to finish the main in 5th place, even though the set-up wasn't
ideal.  This is a learning process for the crew too.  The car stayed on all 4 tires, he
won the heat, & had a decent finish in the main.  It was a successful night.
Thank you so very much to everyone who made the trip & to the families of
our crew who selflessly sacrifice their weekend family time to allow their
loved ones to participate in this crazy adventure with us!  An extra thank
you to Bill Myers who video taped for me since I couldn't make it to the
race.  You did a great job, Bill!  Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney finally even
made it to an event.  To everyone in attendance cheering Zack on, thank
you so much for your support!  And, most importantly, THANK YOU, GOD, for
keeping my boy safe in that car when he was hours away from me!
Cottage Grove Speedway for two classes of racing (360s & Wingless Sprints) on
May 26th!
By the way, we haven't been able to upload our video of Zack's Limited sprint win on
May 5th, because it was recorded on our very old camcorder, which uses very old
technology that the new laptop doesn't use.  Therefore, we had no way to upload it.  
However, a highlights video of that night from different classes has been uploaded
by Madmann.  The Limited Sprint Main Event is the 2nd race on the video.  Click
here to check it out!

May 14, 2012
THE 2012 RACE SEASON IS HERE......FINALLY!!!  Last season, we were so
blessed with several sponsors.  However, one sponsor has taken their support to the
next level (and probably the next level after that, they have done so much for us!) by
doing so much more than simply giving a one-time donation.  Don't get me wrong.  
We very much appreciate every single sponsor.  After all, even the smallest amount
helps with expenses.  Myers Logging, Inc, has partnered with us by forming STM
Racing (the 360 sprint you see in the photo above) & has hired Zack to drive for
them.  We are beyond grateful & overwhelmed at the opportunity to represent Myers
Logging, Inc & STM Racing.  This is an enormous honor for us, & we promise you
will not regret your decision.  We will still be running our Limited sprint (also shown
above) when Zack isn't driving the 360.  As you will see from our Scheduled Races
page, we will also be traveling to a few different tracks this season.  Check it out
when you decide you'd like to come out for a fun night at the track.
We have been having issues with our laptop for some time now & haven't been able
to update from the last two weekends of racing.  With those issues resolved, here it
May 5, 2012 was the first night Zack was able to race, as neither of our motors were
ready before then.  Thanks to a returning sponsor,
ECO-Machine Technologies, &
BC Motorsports, the Limited was ready to go in time for the race in Cottage Grove
on May 5th.  It was a very successful night for our team.  Zack ran two different
classes that night (Limiteds & Wingless).  He set the fastest qualifying time in the
Limited class & 4th fastest in the Wingless sprints.  He was able to get 2nd in the
Trophy Dash for the Limiteds, but then had a fuel filter issue in the heat race, so he
left the track early.  His heat race in the Wingless class was great with Zack & Kyle
Miller going back & forth really battling hard, but clean (the way it should be).  Zack
would have gotten 2nd to the #7K, but mistakenly looked at the board (which
incorrectly read as 0 laps left) rather than watching the flagger.  He thought there
were no laps left & slowed to leave the track, allowing Kyle an easier pass.  
Oops....hard lesson learned there.  Great show for the fans, though, guys:-).  Then
the mains came around.  Zack did AMAZING!  He started outside 4th row in 8th
position for the Limited main & won!  Then he started outside 3rd row in 6th position
for the Wingless race & got 2nd.  It was a great night.  
Thank you to all in attendance cheering him on:  Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam,
Marv Durham, Tom Wright, Jarred Brown, & the Poole family.  If I ever miss anyone
in the "thank you" list, please know it's not intentional.  It would only be because I'm
not aware you were there.  Also, a huge thank you to our pit crew for the season:  
Ron, Kevin, Sam, Kirk, & our "crew chief" Ali.  We can't forget our sponsors, without
whom, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to Myers
Logging, Inc,
GANT Custom Homes, Nacho's Mexican Restaurant, Fins
Drive-In, kNio Personal Chefs, Pi Graphics, Armstrong Concrete Cutting, &
ECO-Machine Technologies.
Now to update you on Zack's 1st 360 race of the season in the STM car.....
Saturday, May 12th, we headed to the track to find less than adequate track
conditions......dust bowl dry from the very beginning.  Ever get a nail in your tire
packing the track?  We have now.  It was a left rear.  Then we cut another left rear
down in the heat race & blistered the right rear.  Expensive tire night.  It was Zack's
first race in this car & with this motor, so it would take some time to adjust to it.  He
qualified mid-pack in 5th out of 10 cars who signed in.  He went out for his heat
starting on the outside pole right next to his friend, Marissa Earle, from Eagle Point.  
The green dropped, & Zack took off &
won!  He went out on the track later for the
main, & his muffler clamp broke, so he lost his muffler on the track.  He went in to the
pits where the crew told him to just go out & at least take the green while they
frantically tried to find another clamp so he could at least get some seat time, get out
there for his sponsors, & at least be able to get paid.  So that's what he did....took
the green & came in.  However, by the time they found another clamp, he was
already several laps down.  He did get to go back out, but because of being a
lapped car, he didn't try to actually race any of the other drivers...just got some good
practice & never tried to hold anyone up (as lapped cars should always do).  Oh
well....can't go our way every week.  It could have been much worse.  We were just
thankful it wasn't a safety issue or motor issue either one.  On to Medford to the 360
race May 19th!
Thank you so much to our cheerleaders for the night:  Bill, Carol, & Brad
Myers, Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Marv, the Wrights, DJ, Brock, Angela
& Alex Solesbee, & Gloria & Joe Clifford.

October 10, 2011
Where do I start?  As you can see from the pictures & the captions, Zack is the 2011
Limited Sprint champion, & while we are so proud of him & everything he has
accomplished since he started racing when he was 6 years old, we can't help but
reflect on how we have been blessed by God through so many wonderful people
over the last 9 years.  I could not begin to remember them all to list them here, so I
won't try (I would feel awful for accidentally leaving someone out!).  You all know who
you are.  Please know we will be forever grateful for whatever kind of support you
have provided, whether it be the arm around my shoulder when Zack's car has
ended up upside down, prayers, coming to the track to cheer us on, long distance
supporters (some of whom we have never even met), local sponsors.....the list goes
on.  We love & appreciate you all more than you could possibly know!  Speaking of
local sponsors, the year started with the generous support of Martin Korstad at
ECO-Machine Technologies, who thankfully offered his labor & services to get a
limited sprint engine together so Zack could even race at all this year.  Without you,
Martin, we would have been just sitting in the stands having to take the season off.  
Thank you so much for everything!  We also realized Zack had outgrown his race
suit from the previous year, so our friend, Cary Drinkwater, at
Nacho's Restaurant
stepped up & took care of that expense for us.  What a great blessing that was!  To
the several sponsors who provided funds for miscellaneous expenses.  It all adds
up...and quickly:  Thank you to the
UPS Store of Springfield, Goofy's Muffler,
Brakes, & More, &
Dragonfly Decals for your very helpful support!  Thank you once
again to
Jim's Tire Factory in Cottage Grove.  Those trailer tires have held up
great!  No more constantly having to repair a flat tire on the way to or from the
track.  What a nuisance & added expense that we definitely do not need!  As the
season was drawing to a close, we found ourselves in need of 4 new tires.  Our
friend, Cory Gant, at
GANT Custom Homes came forward offering to take care of the
tire bill for us.  Thank goodness, because the funds were not there for that.  Have I
ever mentioned how expensive it is to race?;-)  Gant family, you are lifesavers!  
There is a man who has kept close tabs on Zack's racing progress since he started
racing sprints when he was 13.  Near the beginning of this season, he went to Ron &
told him he had decided it's time for his business to be on Zack's car.  We, of
course, thanked him very much & immediately contacted Debbie Ferguson at
Dragonfly Decals to have her make a couple of decals with this man's business logo,
so we could proudly display them on the car.  She did a fabulous job, by the way.;-)
This man's name is Sam Myers of Myers Logging.  I'm almost at a loss for words to
describe how not only Sam, but his entire family, have embraced this venture we're
in together.  They have gone above & beyond the typical sponsorship obligations.  
They have made very clear what a class act family they are.  We have prayed &
prayed for 9 years to just be able to start & finish each race season & have always
told Zack that he will be able to continue racing if he is supposed to.  In other words,
if God provides the necessary sponsorship, he can keep racing.  If not, then it just
isn't meant to happen.  Zack has always been ok with that, & we have always been
able to keep him racing, but barely.  That is, until this season when we were so
blessed to cross paths with the Myers family.  We know, without a doubt, that you
were put into our lives for a reason, & I don't just mean financially.  Of course, it's
been unbelievable to be able to visit a few other tracks to try out & feel a little more
confident that we would have everything we need to keep Zack racing.  However, we
could have never anticipated your giving, caring hearts.  I can't describe how
blessed we feel to even know each of you.  You are a wonderful family, & we can't
begin to express our appreciation for everything you have done for our family.  What
means the most to us is how you so obviously truly care whether our son is able to
continue to fulfill his dream.  'Thank you' doesn't begin to scratch the surface.  We
look forward to a lifelong friendship & being able to represent Myers Logging as long
as you will allow us to.  Without each sponsor helping out in their own way, there
would be no championship to be celebrated this year.  We needed each of you.  
Therefore, this championship belongs to all of our sponsors as well.  We hope &
pray that we've made all of you proud to be associated with us, & would be honored
to continue to represent you all next season!
Now, on to the details of championship night at the track!  The initial plan (at least as
far as mom knew;-) was that even though the ISCS sprints were racing as well as the
Limiteds, Zack was just going to race with the Limiteds & not risk something
happening to the car when he's running for the championship in the Limited class.  
You'd think I would have learned by now that that's not going to happen.  When
there is a class that Zack can legally run, he's going to do it.  I tried blaming it on
Sam, because he's always so gung-ho for Zack to be on the track as much as
possible, but he assured me that this decision was made before he even got to the
track;-).  So, Zack qualified in the Limited class & set fast time of the night!  Then he
raced in the trophy dash & got 4th, being careful not to take any risk of tearing the
car up for a trophy dash (since there are no points going towards the
championship).  He started on the outside of the 2nd row for his heat race & won!  I
do have to give him credit for skipping the ISCS 360 heat race, avoiding that risk
before the Limited sprint main.....good call.  Then after heat races were over, he
started on the outside of the 4th row for the Limited main event (8th position).  When
the green flag dropped, he took off, moving up fairly quickly.  Before the race was
over, he had made it up to 2nd place, almost getting the lead three different times,
earning the 2011 Limited Sprint Championship.  So, then he went into the pits,
weighed the car, fueled up for the 360 main, & went out.  Because he didn't have a
chance to get a better starting position (from skipping the 360 heat race), he started
way back in 16th position out of 18 cars.  Two laps into the race, Zack is going into
turn 3, & the car just went straight off the top into the k-barrier, & rolled.  He banged
his knee pretty good, but was fine.  The car, however, was not so fortunate.  It may
be repairable.  We're not sure yet.  As it turns out, the left radius rod broke, so the
steering was gone.  We're, of course, thankful that he didn't get hurt badly.
Thank you so much, once again, to all of the "cheerleaders" in attendance
on Saturday:  Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Marv & Dalton, Tom & Patti,
the Myers family, Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney, Geri Stone, the Castos, Kirk
& Zach Carter, Emily & Randy Biehl & Randy's mom,  Kayla, & the Poole family.
However, now the work begins for next season!  See you all in April....well, this is
western Oregon, so probably more like June!  Have a great few months until the
2012 season starts at the
Cottage Grove Speedway.

September 26, 2011
Whew......what a weekend full of ups & downs (but mostly ups).  Let's see....Friday
night of the Non-Wing Nationals, qualifying was done in 3 different sessions of hot
laps, rather than individually.  It was Zack's first night of racing with the 360 motor in,
& he qualified with a 13.031 second lap.  He was the 7th quickest out of the 23 cars
who qualified in the first of 3 sessions....not bad.  However, the car just wasn't
handling well at all.  It was very tight & pushing in the corners, so much so that in the
middle of turns 3 & 4 during one of his laps of qualifying, he came about as close to
rolling the car as he could have, but he saved it.  He was able to get 2nd in his heat
race, so that was good, but he didn't have anything for the winner of the heat.  He
definitely had the power, but couldn't get any grip.  When he went out for the main,
he started on the outside of the front row, but the handling was just awful. He had
slid back to 5th place when he was going into turn 1, & the car bicycled,
barrel-rolled, & endo flipped off of turn 2.  Zack was fine physically....just mad at the
situation.  He even refused the offer of the ride back to the pits.  He decided to use
that long walk back to cool off....a wise choice.  When the car was brought back to
the pits, the guys surveyed the damage & realized there really was very little
damage done.  They also discovered that the left rear shock pin had come out, &
that was what had sent him rolling/flipping.  If it was a winged race, the repairs would
have been much more expensive.  In no time, the car rolled right into the trailer.  
While it wasn't a good points night, Zack wasn't really hurt (just a slightly sore neck),
& the car wasn't severely damaged.....THANK YOU, GOD!!
On Saturday, everyone qualified individually (with the exception of the 6 cars who
were locked into the A-Main from the night before).  There were 18 cars qualifying, &
Zack qualified 4th with a 13.400 second lap.  The track wasn't nearly as racy as
Friday night.  It was much dryer, so the cars weren't quite as fast.  Zack started on
the outside of the front row for his heat race.  Very often, at this track, that is the
best place to start, but Zack just couldn't get any grip.  He was able to get 2nd, but
couldn't catch Jesse Thistle to get the win.  Congrats, Jesse!;-)  With his finish in the
heat, he was automatically in the A-main.  He started on the inside of the 5th row in
9th place out of 20 cars for the A.  That night, the A-main was 50 laps, with a
refueling stop half way through.  Zack was patient & made his way through traffic like
a pro!  When they stopped at half way, he had made it up to 6th place.  The crew
could do anything except change tires at that point.  Ron, Sam, & Kevin all went
running out to Zack's car & asked him what he wanted done to the car, & he said,
"When are we gonna go site my rifle in?"  Obviously, he was pretty happy with the
car!  He did say that he could use a little more forward bite, but knew he wasn't
going to get it with the track being so dry & dusty.  Before the end of the race, he
was able to get 5th place.  We were all VERY proud of him as well as the crew!  Ron,
Kevin, & Sam....you guys rock!!  I realize this is a learning experience for you guys
as much as for Zack, & you all do a great job.  If I'm not mistaken, Zack was able to
hold on to 2nd place in the Wingless points championship.  It was a great finish for
the 2011 Wingless season.  Congratulations for the 3rd year in a row to Kyle Miller
for winning the Non-Wing Nationals once again, & congrats for getting the 2011
Wingless Championship!
Between the two nights of racing, there were many people in attendance
rooting for Zack, & we can't thank you enough!!  Friday night, Grandma
Elaine, Marv Durham, the Myers family, & the Poole family were there.  
Saturday, we got to see Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, the Wright family,
John McAfee, Marv Durham, Luke McFadden, Taylor Hill, the Myers family,
the Poole family, & Darreld & Kathy.  Also, a HUGE thank you to Luke
McFadden for taking the risk to mount his camera on the top of Zack's car,
so we could all see the races from Zack's perspective.  We're working on
getting a copy of the footage, so we'll hopefully be able to post something
soon from that.  We would also like to thank Craig Murphy from the
Springfield Times for the awesome article he did on Zack in the Sept 23rd
edition.  Here is a teaser link.
To see the article & pics in their entirety, stop by the Springfield Times &
pick up a copy from Sept 23rd.
Only one more race left in the 2011 season.  It is a Limited race scheduled for
October 8th, provided the rain holds off.  This is western Oregon, you know.  
Anything could happen.  Zack & Mike Carrothers are only 12 points apart for the
2011 Limited Sprint Championship.  Even though Zack is in the lead, he said he
does NOT want to win the championship because of a rain-out.  So, we are praying
for no rain.  It's always best to race for it!

September 20, 2011
Well, Saturday started out pretty good.  Zack qualified 3rd out of 10 cars, & was
hooked up for the trophy dash.  He won the dash, but after that, despite attempts by
Ron & Kevin to make it better, Zack just couldn't get any traction.  He got 4th in the
heat & 4th in the main, which actually wasn't bad considering what happened to
many other drivers between the two sprint classes that were there.  One driver's
motor blew & several others crashed....hard.  Even though he lost 10 points to the
2nd place driver in the Limited class, he's still 12 points in the lead with only one
Limited race left on Oct 8th.  Definitely not out of the woods.  Just like last year, the
championship is going to come down to the last race of the season.
Thank you so much to those in attendance at the track to cheer for Zack this
week....Tom & Patti Wright, Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Marv Durham,
the Myers family, the Poole family, Zach & Angie Carter, Cory & Zane Gant
from GANT Custom Homes, Uncle Mike & Emily, along with their friends who
made the trip with them from Dirtville, Chad & his daughter, Gracie.  Also, a
HUUUGE thank you to Kirk Carter & Sam Myers from Myers Logging for
taking time out of their very busy lives to swap engines for the upcoming
Non-Wing Nationals while Ron was at work on Monday.  We appreciate you
all so much!
This coming Friday & Saturday are the Non-Wing Nationals at the Cottage Grove
Speedway.  Hope to see everyone there!

September 12, 2011
As you can see above, it was a pretty good night at the track.  Zack qualified 4th out
of 11 cars in the LImited class.  He was able to hold off some very fast cars to win
the Trophy Dash!  He ended up in 3rd for his heat race as well as in the main.  That
added another 9 points to his championship points lead, so even though he didn't
get the win in the main event this week, it was still a very good night.
Thank you so much to Grandma Elaine, Tom & Patti Wright, Sam, Ali, & Brad
Myers, the Poole family, the Brown family, Kirk & Angie Carter, & the Castos
for coming to the track this week.  Also, a big thank you to Dana Brown for
bringing me a "track bag" to hold everything I drag to the track each week. I
love it!:-)
The end of the season is approaching....only 4 more races for us; 2 Limiteds & 2
Wingless.  This Saturday, Sept 17th, will be the next Limited race.  See you all there!

September 5, 2011
If you missed the races this weekend, man....did you ever miss some fantastic
racing!  The original plan was to just race on Sunday at Cottage Grove with the
Wingless sprints.  However, what happens when Sam Myers, Ron, & Zack get
together??  Road trip!  Well, kinda....just to Coos Bay Speedway on Saturday to
race there with the Wingless class.  This was a 3/8 mile track that Zack had never
raced before.  It was a one-groove track all night, so there was minimal passing.  A
driver had to be on the bottom or he/she would go nowhere but backwards.  Only 9
cars showed up for the wingless class.  Zack qualified 3rd.  I don't know if it was
because there were only 9 cars, or if they always let the drivers run 2 heats.  The
first heat was lined up according to their qualifying time, so Zack started on the
inside of the 2nd row & got 2nd.  The 2nd heat race is a complete invert of the 1st
heat's line up.  That put Zack starting inside 4th row in 7th.  He was doing great
going for 4th place on the last lap when a car had spun in turn 4.  The car right in
front of Zack had to check up to avoid hitting the spun car, & Zack couldn't stop in
time.  He ran up on the 4th place car & spun for the 1st time in 2 years.  He ended
that race in 8th.  They did a 6 car trophy dash.  Ron drew Zack's number to
determine the starting line up, & drew a 6.  Zack said Ron can't draw for him
anymore, because he drew the very last starting position;-).  Like I said, there was
very little passing.  Zack almost got the 5th place car, but didn't quite make it.  That
meant, he had to start the main event in the 6th place position.  He knew if he was
ever going to be able to make up any ground at all, he would have to get to the
bottom as soon as he possibly could, and, of course, do it safely.  So, as soon as
the green flag dropped, he made sure he got to the 1st turn before the 5th place car
& ducked right in line to work on the 4th place car, while trying to defend his 5th
place from the driver in 6th!  It wasn't easy, but before the race was over, he was
able to get 4th place.  While the track conditions weren't ideal, overall, it was a great
Then, on to Cottage Grove for racing Sunday.  Zack decided he would like to race
both sprint classes that were racing that night (Wingless & 360s).  There were 27
Wingless cars in attendance!  What a turnout!  Out of those 27 cars, Zack qualified
in 6th place....excellent.  With that many cars, there were 4 different heat races.  
Zack started on the inside 2nd row in the 2nd heat.  He was able to finish in 2nd
place.  20 cars started the A-main.  Zack started inside 3rd row in 5th place.  He
finished the main in 2nd place, aaaaallllmost beating Kyle Miller.  Kyle was up on the
top, & Zack was running the bottom & actually making up some ground on Kyle.  
When Kyle realized it, he had to block the bottom, or Zack would have caught him.  It
was an awesome Wingless night.  Congrats to Kyle!  
For the 360s, there were 17 cars signed in.  Zack, of course, still has his Limited
motor, & was able to qualify 10th.  He started on the pole for heat 1 & got 4th to
Roger Crockett, Trey Starks, & Rob Held.  For the main, there were 18 cars in the
line up.  Zack started on the pole & knew he probably wasn't going to win with those
360s right behind him for 30 laps, but he was going to make each & every one of
them work for it.  He most certainly did.  It was awesome racing!  He finished that
race in 8th place as the highest finishing Limited.  That was the last 360 race of the
season.  Unless I made a mistake figuring the points, Zack finished in 8th place for
the 360 class.  Pretty good for a kid with a motor that really shouldn't be able to
compete with the 360s.  Thank you,
ECO-Machine Technologies for that!  
Whew....what a weekend!
Once again, we get to thank the Myers family from Myers Logging for towing us over
& back to Coos Bay, taking care of the pit passes, & for an awesome meal after the
races.  We are so blessed to have you on our team!  Also, an added blessing this
week is the addition of
GANT Custom Homes to the team.  The Gant family has
always been so supportive of us, & we're so excited & honored that they
have decided to join us for the remainder of this season as well as next
year!  We promise to do our best to make you proud to be affiliated with us.  
Please click on the link above (listed under GANT Custom Homes) to see for
yourself what they have to offer.  
In Coos Bay, several people joined us in the stands as cheerleaders.  We
had Sam & Ali Myers, Bill & Carol Myers, Don & Merlyn Wright, & Grandpa &
Grandma Gaffney.  Last night in Cottage Grove, even more.  There were
many loyal friends who always seem to come support us, as well as one new
face, Angela Solesbee (& friend?  So sorry, but I didn't get her name!).  Also
there were Tom & Patti Wright, the Myers clan, Grandma Elaine, Grandma
Pam, the Carter family, the Poole family, Marv Durham, & the Fergusons.  An
extra thanks goes to Brock Ferguson for joining the pit crew that night.  
They needed extra help going from Wingless to 360s!
There are 5 races left over 4 weekends....3 Limited races & 2 races for the
Non-Wing Nationals.  Check the Scheduled Races page on our site to see when will
be best for you & your family to attend!  Be sure to let us know if you're coming, so
we can watch for you:-).

August 27, 2011
Zack started the night with a good qualifying time of 11.815.  That put him in a 2nd
place qualifying position, which meant he would start on the inside 2nd row for the
trophy dash.  Ron & Kevin had been wanting to try some new gears that they hadn't
had a chance to try yet.  They, along with Zack, thought it couldn't be a better time
to try them out than in a trophy dash.  To all of us in the stands, it didn't look like that
was a good idea, because he ended up in 4th.  As it turns out, he actually really
liked the gearing, but just could NOT get the car to grip anywhere on the track.  So,
rather than change the gears for the heat race, they made other setup changes.  
Zack started his heat race in 4th & got 3rd, still unable to get any traction.  They
went back to the pits & made more changes for the main event.  For some unknown
reason, rather than doing the line-up from the qualifying times like we have done all
season, the line-ups were done tonight from the heat race results. That meant that
Zack was starting on the outside of the 3rd row in 6th place.  He fought hard & got
3rd place after really battling a couple of lapped cars, so it was a good night.  Car &
driver are in one piece, & he was able to make up another 7 points (for the points
championship) on the 2nd place driver.  It definitely could have been a worse night.
Many people were at the track cheering Zack on tonight.  In the stands were
Grandma Elaine, the Wright family, Sam & Bill Myers, the Casto family, Geri Stone,
Dave & Judy Kingsley, the Carter family, the Poole family, Jarred Brown, & his
step-sister, Bri.  We are always so blessed to have you all in our corner.  Thanks so
much for coming!
Next weekend is a Wingless & ISCS 360 race night on Sunday.  See you all there!

August 15, 2011
Well, thanks to our amazing friends at Myers Logging, we were able to take our first
ever racing road trip for a 3-day/3-race weekend with the ISCS 360 sprints.  Zack
has a limited motor, so he made a realistic & attainable goal for the whole
weekend....just to make the A-main all 3 nights.  Friday night was in Yreka, CA.  Zack
had to race his way into the A-main from the B-main.  He started in 19th out of 20
positions.  He had made his way up to 15th when there was a pile-up that brought
out a caution.  Under the caution, he went off the track because the pin came out of
the right front shock.  It was also discovered that we had a brake issue that wasn't
going to be fixed quickly enough to get him back out for the remainder of the race.  
So, that ended our night, but compared to many other drivers that night, that was
very minor.  At least we rolled into the trailer.  Then we got the issues fixed & gave it
a shot at Medford, OR on Saturday.  Zack got 2nd in his heat race, which meant he
didn't have to drive in the B-main to get into the A.  He had a transfer spot from the
heat.  He started 17th out of 20, started charging his way through the pack pretty
quickly, & was up to 12th place when his car bicycled up onto 2 wheels coming
through turns 3 & 4.  We were all sure he was going over, but he was able to get the
car back down.  Unfortunately, 3 cars were able to get back by him while he was
getting back in the groove.  He came home in 15th from Medford.  He wasn't fond of
either of those tracks.  There were tons of rocks in both tracks.  Coming home to
race in Cottage Grove on Sunday made him so thankful for our home track!  One of
the first things we all noticed was that just from racing with the 360s for those two
nights, Zack gained so much more confidence in his abilities on the track.  He
qualified better.....of course, he's also accustomed to racing in Cottage Grove, so he
is naturally more comfortable there.  He went out for his heat race & won, started
15th in the A-main (not enough cars for a B, so everyone automatically made the A),
took off like rocket passing cars & made it up to finish 9th.  The whole weekend was
a wonderful experience for us.  He acheived his goal at each race.  The more
opportunities Zack gets to race with the 360s & at other tracks, the more he will learn
& more confidence he will gain.
We can't begin to thank you enough, Myers family, for this amazing opportunity!  
You're too good to us.  Please know we greatly appreciate everything you do.  We
are grateful every day!  In addition to this trip being a learning experience, we had
soooo much fun with Sam!  We were constantly laughing.....mostly at Zack.;-)  He's
contantly saying something funny.  Love that kid & am so very proud of him.  
In Yreka & Medford, it was just Sam with us.  We would also like to thank the entire
Myers family, Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Grandpa Warren, the Poole family,
Brock & Kayla, & Terrance Maguire for coming to the track on Sunday when you
could have all been home getting ready for the work week & doing other things on
your Sunday evening.  We have some awesome friends & family!
If you haven't already done so, please check out our Spaulding Motorsports
fan page on Facebook, & be sure to click "Like".  I believe you have to have
a Facebook account in order for it to work.
I think Sam is already ready for another road trip to Montana this coming weekend.  
However, as much fun as we would have, we just can't take the time off work to do it.  
So, we will have a weekend off from racing, & then back to the Cottage Grove track
for Limited sprint racing on Aug 27th.

August 9, 2011
Saturday was the best night of racing we have ever had since Zack started racing
sprint cars.  He raced in the LImited class & 360 class.....double duty for the night.  
He qualified 4th in the Limiteds & 5th in the 360s.  Zack almost had the win in the
LImited heat, but there was a caution when he was going for the lead.  There wasn't
enough time to catch the leader again, so he came in 2nd.  Then he went out for his
360 heat & won with his Limited motor.  Then it was time for the Limited main.  He
started inside 2nd row & won his 2nd main of the season!  He was able to cross the
finish line in 4th place in the 360 main.  It was an amazing night!  However, it wasn't
totally without incident.  In the 360 main, Zack was behind TJ Winningham coming
out of turn 4.  TJ's car didn't stick to the track & go as quickly as Zack expected, &
Zack got into the back of him.  Zack looked for him after the races to apologize so
that TJ would know it wasn't on purpose, but he must have loaded up & left before
Zack could find him.  Sorry about that, TJ!  He wouldn't have ever done that on
We were so blessed by people coming out to support us this week!  In
attendance were Grandma Elaine, Jon Drinkwater, Kelly, Braedon, & Austin
Casto, Geri Stone, Sam & Toni Myers from Myers Logging, the Poole family,
Brock & Kayla, Tom Wright & his friend Dave, several members of the
Knowlton family & their friend Lori, & Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney.  Thank
you all so much for coming out to cheer Zack on.  It's humbling seeing so
many people wanting him to succeed.
We were originally just going to be running at Cottage Grove on Sunday,
Aug 14th.  However, thanks to the most AMAZING sponsor, Myers Logging,
we will now be traveling down to Yreka, CA to race with the ISCS sprints on
Friday, then back up to Medford to race Saturday, & finally back home to
race in Cottage Grove on Sunday.  Myers family, you are amazing people
who continually bless us; not just with your very much appreciated
sponsorship, but even more appreciated friendship.  Thank you for

July 31, 2011
Well, we weren't sure exactly how the night was going to go.  You can never know for
sure, but the track was pretty rough from the beginning last night.  It was a wingless
night, so there were a lot of cars...29.  Qualifying didn't go so well, but not terrible.  
There were 4 heat races, and Zack started on the pole for the 2nd one.  He went to
the high side right away & stayed there.  Dale Smith was catching him, but couldn't
quite get him before the race ended, so Zack won his heat.  That put him into the
A-main automatically, without having to try to race his way out of the B-main into the
A.  However, he started the A-main in the 15th position out of 20.  He started moving
up very quickly & was able to get up to 8th, so it was a good night.  Rolled into the
trailer on all 4 tires, & not a scratch on the driver either.  That's always a bonus!
In attendance to cheer us on for the night were the Myers family from Myers
Logging, Marv Durham, Grandma Pam, Grandma Elaine, the Wright family, the
Carter family, the Bell family, Jarred Brown, & Jon Drinkwater.  Thank you all so
much for your constant support!
See you all next Saturday for some Limited Sprint racing!

July 19, 2011
Oops.....I can't believe I haven't updated the site from racing over July 3rd & 4th!  
Let's see..July 3rd, we weren't even going to race, but Ron went down to the track
just to watch the ISCS 360 show & found out that the highest finishing limited sprint
would get an EXTRA $200, so he called Zack over at his friend's house & asked if he
was interested in racing......silly question!  So, we all ended up at the track for racing
after all.  There were 29 cars that night, with only 4 limiteds in the whole field.  Zack
started on the pole for his heat race.  Going into turn 1 just after taking the green
flag, the car behind him wheel-hopped his right rear tire.  While Zack's had to go to
the pits for a new right rear wheel, which meant he had to restart at the rear of the 7
car field, the car that wheel-hopped him got the worst of it.  He flipped his car & was
done for the night.  Zack made it up to 5th, but they were only taking the top 4 to the
A main.  That meant Zack would have to run the B main to try to get into the A.  He
started 8th in the B & passed the 5th place car on the backstretch of the last lap to
get what we thought was the last transfer position into the A.  They actually ended
up taking 6 cars to the A for some reason.  Zack started as 1 of only 2 limiteds who
made it into the A, with Raquel Ivie being the other.  She did a fantastic job of getting
into the A from her heat race, by the way!  Zack was starting in 20th position out of
21 cars.  Raquel started 17th.  Several laps in, Raquel got tangled up with Chad
Groves (not sure what happened) in turn 4 ending the night for both of them.  Zack
was very blessed that night with a 12th place finish, earning him the $200 bonus for
being the highest finishing limited, as well as a surprise bonus of $100 for also being
the Hard Charger (passed the most cars).  It was a great night!
On to racing on the 4th of July....it was a Limited race night.  There were 11 cars, &
Zack was able to earn the fast qualifying time of the night with a 12.166.  He started
outside 2nd row for the trophy dash, right behind Jayme Barnes, the 2 time Dirt Cup
Champion.  I think Zack had a great time racing with Jayme.  It only makes him try
harder & learn more when he's racing against a racer of Jayme's caliber.  He ended
up getting 2nd to Jayme in the trophy dash, although it was VERY close at the line.  
In the heat race, Zack started 4th & ended up 3rd (had a flat right rear tire).  He
started the main in 10th place, drove a great race, & ended the night in 4th, after the
4th place car passed Zack for 3rd near the end of the race.  So far, Zack has the
points lead in the Limited class as well as the Wingless class.  There are some
talented drivers in both classes, so anything can happen!
We were supposed to have another Limited race on July 16th, but mother nature
wins again......rained out.
To all of the loyal friends & family who came to the track between the two nights, we
can't begin to tell you how very appreciated you all are.  It means so much to have
your support, many of you on a weekly basis!  Thank you to Grandma Elaine, the
Wright family, Poole family, Ferguson family, Roth family, Myers family, Drinkwater
family, Brooks family, Levi FitzGerald, Jenny Jacobs, & Kevin Solesbee who helps us
out in the pits at EVERY RACE.  You are all AWESOME!!  See everyone on July
30th at the next Wingless night.

June 27, 2011
First, I have to say that our prayers are with Kyle Miller for a speedy recovery after
that nasty crash down the backstretch during the trophy dash.  He was taken to the
hospital & was back at the track to watch the main that night.  I'm not sure if he
ended up with a bad concussion or even more, but we'll be praying for him.
As for our night, THAT was AMA-ZA-ZING!! Started on the pole in a field of 16 cars
(12 360s & 4 Limiteds). Zack held off 2 of the fastest 360s there are for 7 laps
before Crockett got him, & then stayed in 2nd for a few more laps before Dale Smith
passed him for 2nd.  He got 3rd in the main after holding those 360s off for the win
in his heat race. GREAT night! And awesome showing for the Limiteds coming in
3rd, 4th, & 5th!  In my opinion, that's just proof that limiteds have just as good of a
shot at doing well running wingless as a 360 does.  Ron will upload both races
soon.  Keep checking the site.  There will be a link above the pic of Zack & Ali.
Thanks once again to the Myers family (along with Sam's parents this time:-), the
Carter family, the Wright family, DJ Poole, Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, & Jon
Drinkwater for your support.  As always, it means so much to us to have you there!  
We will be back to race with the Limiteds on July 4th.  Come out to the track to cheer
us on & watch an AWESOME fireworks show!

June 24, 2011
Oops....forgot to update from last week.  It was an ISCS 360 race night.  There were
20 cars signed in, with 4 of them (including our car) being limited sprints.  Zack won
his heat race & started the main in 12th position (outside 6th row).  He had made his
way up to 9th place & was doing great when he tapped the front stretch wall with the
right rear tire & broke the Jacob's ladder.  That gave him his 2nd DNF.  The good
news is that he wasn't hurt, the car wasn't hurt too badly, & after getting some costly
adjustments to the motor (& picking up the heads from the machine shop at 3:00 on
Saturday), the motor ran GREAT!  Hopefully, those issues are behind us for good.
Thank you once again to Sam Myers, the Carter family, the Wright family,
Marv, & Grandma Elaine for coming to the track & cheering us on!
Tomorrow is a wingless race.  We're ready!

June 15, 2011
Last Saturday, Zack set the fast time in the Limited sprint class.  Then he went out
for the heat race & was able to get a 2nd place.  The night was going great up until
about half way through the main.  He started in 6th place out of 10 cars, & made his
way up to 3rd when the car drastically slowed & went off of the track into the pits.  
The motor stuck another exhaust valve, just like at the first race of the season.  
We're working on getting it taken care of, but we missed racing with the 410s when
they came to town on Monday.  In racing, just like everything else, it can't always go
your way.
Thank you so very much to Marv, Grandma Elaine, the Wrights, the Carter
family, the Myers family, Josh Brooks & his mom, & the Poole family for
coming out to the track once again.  We appreciate you all so much!

June 7, 2011
Saturday was the first race of the new series, ISCS (Interstate Sprint Car Series).  
There were many extremely fast 360s who made it to Cottage Grove for that race, as
well as several of us who have limiteds.  Zack came home with a 9th place finish in
the main after starting 13th.  He knew with those particular 360s, he was just going
to be out-motored, so he didn't get in the way, kept his nose clean, & came home on
all 4 tires instead of on his wing!  We were happy with the night.  It's always a good
night when the driver & the car come home in one piece.
In attendance to cheer Zack on were Grandma Elaine, Marv, Grandpa
Warren, the Wrights & extended family, the Castos, Geri Stone, Jarod
Brown, DJ Poole, the Myers family, & the Carter family.  Also, as always, a big
thanks to Kevin for his help in the pits!  I think we're soon going to be
relying on him even more, at least temporarily, while Ron has carpal tunnel
surgery & recovers.  We appreciate Kevin's help so much, even if he
doesn't always hear it;-).  Thank you ALL so very much for your support,
once again!
 Next week will be a limited sprint race.  Hope to see everyone there.  I
think the sun may even shine for it!

May 22, 2011
Last night was a GREAT night of wingless racing!  After qualifying, that is.  Ron &
Kevin wanted Zack to try a different set up......NOT good.  After correcting the set
up, Zack finished 2nd in his heat race.  The main had a field of 20 cars.  Zack
started on the inside of the 4th row in 7th place.  He started out looking for the ideal
line to run & lost some ground, going back to 9th before the 1st caution.  Soon after
the restart, he found good traction on the top of the track, moving up to 6th place, &
was about to pass for 5th when the 2nd caution came out.  Within a few laps after
the 2nd restart, the car in front of Zack dropped water from his radiator onto the
track.  Zack didn't see it & drove right through it, which made him slide right off the
top of the track in turns 3 & 4.  He kept it off of the wall, but had slid back to 12th
place.  He really had his work cut out for him at that point.  Zack came back up
through traffic & had made it back up to 6th place when the final caution came out.  
Then the 5th place car that he had been chasing went off the track into the pits,
which meant Zack was then in 5th place.  For this restart, there were several lapped
cars in between Zack & the 4th place car, but he didn't realize they were all lapped.  
He was wondering why he was being lined up so far back & was NOT happy.  The
restart came, & he took off through lapped traffic & passed the 4th place car at the
line on the last lap.  We hadn't seen him drive through traffic like that since he raced
the go kart!  He had a GREAT night!
Thanks to the Myers family of Myers Logging, Grandma Elaine, Grandpa &
Grandma Gaffney, DJ Poole, the Carter family, & the Wright family for coming
to the track to support us.
 A very special thanks goes to Myers Logging
this week for donating a push quad, so Ron & Kevin don't hurt their already
feeble backs pushing the car up to the staging lane.  What a blessing!  We
don't know how to express our appreciation but to just say thank you &
promise we will always do our best to represent Myers Logging!
Next week, it's back to Limited sprint racing.  See you all there!

May 8, 2011
Well, we weren't sure how last night was going to turn out.  Zack went out for hot
laps, came in & told Ron & Kevin it didn't feel right.  They weren't really sure what to
do, since they hadn't heard what Zack had said the motor was doing.  Zack went out
to qualify, & it sounded horrible.  This time, they heard it, too.  They thought it was
getting too much fuel, so they made some adjustments.  Even with that issue, Zack
was still able to qualify 3rd, so he was in the trophy dash.  He was in the lead when
Jesse Thistle's motor blew after just one lap had been completed.  For some reason,
the flagger told them to cross up for the restart instead of restarting nose to tail.  
That put Heath on the outside front row.  Zack was running best on the top, so he
ended up getting 2nd in the trophy dash.  They fought the problem all night, but
Zack was still able to go out & get a win in the heat race as well as the main event,
leading all 25 laps of the main.  It was a great night, overall.  After Zack won the
main, he came up to me in the bleachers & said, "Happy Mother's Day!"  What a
great Mother's Day gift, as well as an awesome way to start the Limited Sprint
In attendance to support us this week were the Wright family, Grandma
Pam, the Carter family (minus Lisa), Sam Myers from Myers Logging (our
newest team sponsor), DJ Poole, & Jon Drinkwater.  Thank you all so very
much for once again showing up & cheering us on!  It means so much to
us.  We are also very glad we were able to bring home a win for our
We have next weekend off, which is good since we will need some time to confirm
what we think is the issue with the car.  We'll have it remedied & be back out on the
track for the next wingless sprint race on May 21st.  See everyone then!

May 3, 2011
our Sponsors page to see their contact information, as well as all of our
current sponsors.  We could not possibly do this without their support!

May 2, 2011
What an amazing night at the track!  Zack was one of 18 wingless sprints that timed
in on Saturday.  He qualified 3rd with the new motor!  We were thrilled with that.  In
fact, I said, "Ok...we can go home now.  Don't even need to race.  It's just good to
know that we have a good, strong motor!"  Zack is usually able to do great when he
has quality equipment.  Since there was no way he would skip racing, he went out for
his heat race starting from the back of the pack in 6th position & won!  Trophy dash
was after that (a little different schedule than normal).  He started on the pole, and
when he stepped on the throttle, the back end of the car shot out.  This new motor
has a lot more power than he had last year.  He ended up in 4th out of 6 cars in that
race.  Then the main event.....Zack started outside 2nd row in 4th place in a field of
18 cars.  He was going along holding his position well.  Then he went into turn 1 &
the car just wouldn't go anymore.  Since he didn't know what had happened, he
decided to play it safe & take it in the pits to Ron & Kevin to see if they could figure it
out.  At the same time he was slowing on the track, Dale Smith, who had been
running in 3rd, was flipping in turn 4.  Zack came back out on the track running just
fine before the race got re-started.  Turns out the car had just popped out of gear
from the VERY rough track.  It's always like that for the first race.  We told Zack he
did the right thing by bringing it in.  He knows he has to do everything in his power to
take care of the car/motor since we don't have a replacement.  He took that car out
there & made it back up to 8th place before the end of the race.  He did great!
Thanks so much to Grandma Elaine, the Wright families, Grandpa Warren,
the Pooles, Jeff Brown, Chelsea, Kelsey, & friends for coming out to
support us.  It means so much!  An extra thanks to Greg Brown for the help
adjusting the injection. Thanks to the combined efforts of Ron, Kevin, Greg,
& Martin at
ECO-Machine Technologies, the motor (A.K.A. "FISH") ran like a
champ!  The driver didn't do too bad either;-).
See you all this weekend for the opening Limited Sprint night!

April 23, 2011
Well, it was our first night of racing after a few rain-outs.  We just got the
new motor completed a few days ago.  It sounded great....at first.  Zack went
out for hot laps.  He said it felt great for the first lap, but NOT for the 2nd
lap, so he immediately went into the pits.  Ron & Kevin discovered the
motor had dropped the #8 exhaust valve. We were done for the night.  
However, we really didn't lose out on much, as they only got the heat races
done before it rained out again.  Ron took the head off of the motor when
we came home & the damage was minimal.  It will be fixed this week, & we'll
be ready to go again soon.
Thanks to Martin Korstad from
ECO-Machine Technologies, Sue Rogers,
Grandma Elaine, the Wrights, DJ Poole, & Jon Drinkwater for coming to
support us this week.
As you're with your loved ones tomorrow, please remember what Easter is
really all about.  As posted on Facebook this week....Silly Bunny...Easter is
for Jesus!

October 22, 2010
As stated below, the final 360 race was supposed to have happened weeks
ago, but kept getting postponed due to rain.  Well, we finally had our last
race of the 2010 season last Saturday.  Zack raced with the 360s.  He started
2nd in the heat race & got 2nd, just after Roger Crockett.  Pretty good for a
kid with a limited motor! He ended the 360 season in 7th place, which will
earn him the "Rookie of the Year" title in the 360 class!  Also, he finished
the Limited Sprint season in 2nd place, just 6 points behind 1st place.  The
entire season, he spun one time, had no flips or roll-overs, & the only time
he crashed was when his steering broke in the middle of turns 1 & 2.  That
was a very significant improvement from last year.  We're very
proud of him &
unbelievably thankful that God kept him safe the whole season!  The prayers are
always for safety first; then fun & success!
In attendance on that cold night were:  Marv Durham, Tom & Patti Wright, Grandma
Elaine, Chelsea, Braedon, & Kelly Casto, the Pooles, the Carters, the Drinkwaters, &
Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney.  Thank you all so much for coming & showing support
once again!
While so many people have been so faithful in showing up to watch & cheer
Zack on this season, there is no way we could have done this without the
help of several sponsors & our crew chief, Kevin Solesbee.  We feel so
blessed to have been able to complete the 2010 season, not just in one
class, but in multiple classes.  Merely saying 'thank you' doesn't seem like
enough, but it's all we have!  A HUGE THANK YOU to
The UPS Store of
Springfield, Nacho's Restaurant, Jim's Tire Factory of Cottage Grove, RW
Towing, Advocare/Ozzie Osburn, Game Time Pizzeria & Ice Cream Parlor,
Newell's Ink, Charlie James Racing Graphics, & Dragonfly Decals, along with
those of you who have contributed to our fundraisers, donated funds
(some of whom we have never even met), to Brian Crockett of BC
Motorsports for the use of your limited motor to complete the season after
our motor died, & to all who volunteered assistance in the pits, etc.  You
have all blessed us beyond measure, & we would love to continue
spreading the word about your businesses & generosity through the
upcoming season.  We thank you for an amazing season, & will be in touch
with you soon!

September 12, 2010
Congratulations to the 2010 Limited Sprint champion, Heath Shelton!  Zack
had made up 2 of the 4 points he was behind Heath in qualifying, but the
set-up wasn't quite right for the main, & he said every time he stepped on
the brake, it would upset the whole car instead of helping him get into &
through the corner right.  Although, even with an ill-handling car, he was
still able to go from a 9th place starting position to finish in 4th place for the
race, and 2nd place in the points championship.  Not too bad for a kid!  
We're very proud of him.
Several people came to the track last night:  Cary & Jon Drinkwater, the
Roth family, Marv Durham, Grandma Elaine, Chelsea, Austin, & Braedon
Casto, Geri Stone, Brett Cook, Don Wright, Tom Wright, the Carter family, &
Kevin Solesbee.  Thank you all so very much for your support!
While the Limited Sprint season is over, next Saturday is the championship
night for the 360 Sprints.  Zack is running in 7th place in that class with a
Limited motor & has been told by Brian Crockett, who owns the motor we
are using, that he can run this coming weekend.  So, with the pressure off
as far as the championship goes, it should be a fun, relaxing (well, as
relaxing as it can be) night for Zack.  Then we'll be done for the season.  
Hope to see you all there!

August 22, 2010
Whew!  Last night went well.  Zack qualified 4th out of 12 cars in his class.  
That put him in the trophy dash.  He fought hard & was able to win the dash
(see picture above of the little trophy recipient!), came in 2nd in his heat
race, & 3rd in the main. He was also able to gain 5 points on the
championship points leader.  Now, he's only 4 points behind him, with one
Limited race left for the season.  It will all come down to the last race.  And
what makes it even more exciting is that the 3rd place driver is really
moving up fast in the points.  Anything could happen!  It's not
just Zack & Heath in the hunt for the championship.....Jesse could sneak in
there & take it, too.  Being Zack's mom, of course I have a preference, but
I'll honestly say, good luck to all!
God is good!  Since our motor imploded, we have been blessed several
times over. An enormous thank you goes to Brian Crockett of BC
Motorsports for offering to allow us to use his Limited motor to finish the
season.  You will never know how much that means to us.  We will do
everything possible to take great care of your motor!  Also, my dad (who is
on vacation in Wisconsin) called & said a friend of his from back there who
follows our website each week, came up to him at church & handed him an
envelope with a financial donation in it to help get a new motor put
together for next season!  We don't even know these people, but are very
humbled by their generosity!  Thank you isn't enough, but we will say thank
you, Frank & Sue Dart!!  Then, as we were firing the car up with the BC
Motorsports motor in it, Randy Walker from
RW Towing drove up & handed
Ron a financial donation & contributed to our t-shirt fundraiser on top of
that!  Thank you ALL so much!  Curt & Melissa Newell from
Newell's Ink
brought our t-shirts TO THE TRACK last night.  That's above & beyond the
call of duty!  They did a fabulous job on them!  Above you'll see a picture of
one of the shirts......very cool.  Thank you, Newell's Ink!  Once again, we had
many faithful supporters who came to watch &/or help out in the pits.  We
are so blessed to have you all!  In attendance this week were Tom & Patti
Wright, Marv & Dalton, Chelsea Casto, Grandma Pam, Grandma Elaine, Mike
Schotke, Kevin Solesbee, Jon & Cary Drinkwater from
Nacho's Restaurant,
Brock Ferguson, the Carters, & the Pooles.  You all provide amazing
support for us!

August 19, 2010
To make a long story short, after long hours & frustration at times, the car is
all back together & ready to hit the track this Saturday.  Lord, please let the
borrowed motor & other borrowed parts hold up!!  
As a side note, to pay for
the parts that aren't borrowed, we're still taking t-shirt orders.  Just click on
the link above to place your order, & THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR
 You have no idea how much we appreciate it.  

August 9, 2010
Uggghhhh.......well, Ron discovered after last week's steering box fiasco, that the
rear-end was finished as well.  After scrambling around, we were able to get parts
together to fix everything, although not in time for racing on Saturday, so we were
blessed to be able to borrow the steering box & rear-end from Ozzie.  So, the focus
of my prayers this week, besides the ones for safety, fun, & success (ALWAYS in
that order), was for nothing to happen to Ozzie's parts!  Well, Ozzie's parts survived
just fine.  However, I forgot to pray for the motor not to blow:-(.  Zack was racing in
the limited class as well as the 360 class on Saturday.  He did great in both classes
(had 2nd in the limited main until a lapped car decided to race him as though it was
for position.....grrrr) & was fighting to hold on to 4th in the 360 main until the motor
blew.....not good.  We've been offered the use of a motor to finish the limited class
season (2 more races), & we can't adequately express our gratitude for that.  We
have this coming weekend off, & the next limited race is the following Saturday, Aug
21st.   I'm not sure what's going to happen, as far as being able to get the car out for
the remainder of the season beyond that (other than the final limited race on Sept
11th, as long as the borrowed motor holds up).  I can't imagine completing the
season at this point, but we don't know what God has planned.  Every time we think
we may be done, He opens a window for us.  So, we're not going to worry about a
thing.  If Zack is supposed to continue racing, it will happen.  So, now Ron, Zack, &
Kevin have a lot of work ahead of them.  It's time to disassemble the motor &
determine the extent of the damage.  Sponsor assistance & fund-raising is more
important now than ever.  T-shirts anyone?
We were blessed this week to add a new sponsor to the team.  Paul Keating
from Jim's Tire Factory in Cottage Grove had sponsored us some wheels 2
seasons ago when Zack was racing the Camaro in the street stocks class.  I
contacted him last Monday & spoke with him about the trouble we have had
blowing tires on our trailer. He decided to sponsor our team 4 new trailer
tires!  What a huge help & money saver that was!  If you need tires or have
other automotive needs, call Jim's Tire Factory & ask for Paul.  He's very
professional, & will take great care of you.  Their number is (541) 942-3831.  
Please make sure to tell him that we sent you!
Thanks goes to so many people this week for their support:  Ozzie
Osburn/Advocare Rep, without whom, we would not have been able to get
the car out on the track this week, Shawn Becker, who gave us a great deal
on a new rear-end for the car, Paul Keating from Jim's Tire Factory in
Cottage Grove, Trish Rutherford & Sue Weaver, who made the trek from
Washington to watch Zack race & hang out with us for the weekend (love
you both!), Kelly Casto & kids, as well as their extended family, the Wrights
& extended family, Grandma Elaine, Mike Schotke, Kelsey Dillingham &
Bryan, Hannah Allen & family, DJ & Erica Poole & their friend, Chris, for
letting us use his quad (what a back saver that was!!), & Kevin Solesbee for
everything he does for us week in & week out.  If I have forgotten anyone, I
apologize.  The stands were extra FULL this week!  We appreciate you all so
very much.  It's humbling to have you all there when you could be spending
your weekend in many other places.  Kelly, you don't even LIKE sprint cars,
but you & almost your entire family came; even your dad from Florida!  
Please pass along that it really was a pleasure meeting him & having him
In the meantime, everyone please keep us in your prayers that we will
somehow be able to finish the entire race season & get a good, strong
motor together for next season.  This is Zack's passion.  It's what he wants
to do with his life, & so, unless God has other plans for him, I know that with
many prayers being lifted up, He will provide what is necessary to make that
happen.  See you all at the limited race on Aug 21st!  Please
remember that
t-shirts are available to order now.  They make a great, inexpensive gift
idea.  Click on the link above to place your order!

July 31, 2010
Well, the good fortune at the track finally took a downturn.....kind of.  At
least Zack didn't get hurt, but the car sure did.  Zack had a good qualifying
effort getting 8th out of the 17 wingless cars that qualified.  He started on
the outside pole for his heat race.  He took off from the very beginning
getting a good lead.  He was able to hold the field off until several laps into
the race, Kyle Miller got by him on the outside of turn 2.  On the next lap
around, on the high side of turn 2, Zack's steering box broke.  He went
flying off of the track & hit the tractor tires hard.  He hit them broadside, so
at least it wasn't head on.  However, it definitely was hard, because it bent &
broke the brake rotor, pulled the torque tube loose from the rear-end,
broke both rear arms, and who knows what else.  We were done for the
night.  We really have been very fortunate this season.  It was Zack's 15th
race of the season, & this was our first major damage all year.  Although,
had another tire blow out on the trailer on the way to the track again.  We
really need to find a tire sponsor for the trailer tires.  If you know of anyone
who would like to donate five 14" trailer tires to the team, please let us
know.  We can't be doing this every couple of weeks.  Oh, well.  Like I said,
at least Zack didn't get hurt.  It can't go our way every week, but we have
sure had a good run of blessings!  Ron, Kevin, & Zack have a lot of work
ahead of them this week.
On a positive note, you'll see in the photo above that we have FINALLY
been able to paint our trailer!  It's no longer an eye-sore at the track;-).  
Thank you so much to NAPA of Veneta for sponsoring all of the new lights
for the trailer!  We appreciate it more than you know.  Every little bit helps.  
Also, as you can see from the announcement & link at the top of the
commentary, we have finally been able to secure a great screen-printing
company to print race shirts for us!  The company is called
Newell's Ink.  
Their site is currently under construction, but it has contact info, so you can
get in touch with them for all of your screen-printing needs.  Be sure to tell
them we sent you!  This will be our first fundraiser to try to earn the
necessary money to refresh the motor for next season as well as convert
the motor from a wet sump to a dry sump.  Our motor is very tired.  Being
able to get these changes made will make all the difference.  The shirts will
be in within about 2 weeks.  Click on the link above to place your t-shirt
order letting us know how many & what sizes you'd like.  We realize times
are tough for everyone, and that there are far more important things for
your funds to be spent on.  We just ask for your support if you are able.
Thanks so much to our friends & family who were able to make it to the
track tonight:  Marv Durham, Hayden & Tanner Gaffney, Kevin Solesbee,
Cary & Jon Drinkwater, & Kirk & Zack Carter.  God willing, we'll see you all at
the track next Saturday, August 7th, for the Historical Night race, complete
with fireworks after the show!

uly 19, 2010
Saturday started out with the boys in the Bohemia Mining Days parade in
Cottage Grove.  They had a good time.  
Thanks very much to Grandpa &
Grandma Gaffney for the use of their truck & trailer for the parade!
night at the track was a mix of frustration & a light bulb coming on.  From
qualifying, clear through part of the main, Zack was having so much trouble
getting any grip anywhere.  However, part way through the main, he went to
the top of the track, put the wing slider exactly where he wanted it, & took
off.  He was able to salvage a 3rd place finish in the heat as well as the
main.  He actually was very happy with that, because he realized he figured
out how to drive the top when there's not much there, as far as grip goes.  
It's all a learning process, & he is doing awesome.  Our next race is July
31st.  It's a wingless race, & he has decided on his own that he is going to
talk to one of the wingless drivers who he really admires for his ability, &
get some tips.
Thanks once again goes out to the many people who came to support us
both in the stands & out in the pits:  Grandma Elaine, the Wrights, Kelly,
Chelsea, & Austin Casto, Andi Haxby, Geri Stone, the Carters, Grandpa &
Grandma Gaffney, & Kevin Solesbee.  It would be pretty lonely without you
all there!

July 10, 2010
Tonight was a good night at the track.  Zack qualified 4th out of 11 drivers
and did great all night.  Kept his nose clean again & brought home three 3rd
place finishes.  Once again, safety & no broken parts on the car.
Thanks to all of you who came to the track tonight:  Grandma Elaine, Tom &
Patti Wright, Chelsea Casto, Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney, Kevin Solesbee,
& DJ & Erica Poole.  See you all next week for the next race.  By the way,
July 17th is the next Family Night at the track!  A family of 4 gets in for $25, &
that includes 2 hot dogs & 2 small sodas!

July 4, 2010
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, AMERICA!  Please remember the reasons we
still live in a free country......God & the American soldier.  Be incredibly
Last night, Zack raced in the Limited Sprint class.  Brandi Bounds & Brendan
Boyce raced with them & both did very well......congrats to them both!  It's
been a while since either have raced, but you would never know it.  Zack
was the second car on the track for qualifying.  It was still fairly wet, so it
wasn't ideal for setting a good qualifying time.  He ended up with an 11.863
second lap, putting him in 7th out of 12 cars. He got a 2nd place in his heat
race & 3rd in the main.  It was a good night overall.  Thank God once again
for the continued safety.  Big thanks to the many supporters last night:  
Grandma Pam, Grandma Elaine, Kevin Solesbee, Jon & Cary Drinkwater,
Kelly, Chelsea, Braedon, & Chris Casto, Kelsey Dillingham & Bryan, Geri
Stone, Tom & Patti Wright, the Hoos family, & DJ & Erica Poole.
 See you all
next week for more LImited racing!

June 27, 2010
Last night was the 2nd Wingless Sprint race night of the season.  There
were 22 total cars.  Zack qualified mid-pack in 11th place.  He then went out
for his heat race and earned his first ever Wingless victory.  However, he
wasn't so fortunate on the invert.  They inverted 12 cars from the 3 heat
races (the top 4 finishers from each one).  That meant he had to start
exactly in the middle in 11th place.  He was prepared for chaos in front of
him.  There were several times he really had to be watching, or he would
have gotten tangled up in other drivers' messes.  He did great, though, and
moved up from 11th to 6th.  The track was very smooth, but so dry slick it
just completely ate the reat tires down to nothing.  By the end of the main, it
was nearly impossible to get grip anywhere.  Bye-bye, tires:-(.  Click on the
link above to watch the heat race.  Thanks very much to Chelsea, Jon,
Kevin, Grandma Elaine & her friend, Mike, the Carters, & the Pooles for
coming to watch & help out.  
See you all next Saturday, July 3rd, for the
Limited Sprints & ASCS racing, & make sure to stick around after the races
for the amazing fireworks show

June 15, 2010
Well, we were supposed to have a 2 week break, but decided to give it a
shot racing with the California Goldenstate 410 Sprints.  We had no
expectations for Zack racing with his limited motor with the 410s.  We had
initially thought we would load up, head to the track, & only unload & run if
there weren't enough cars for a B Main, because it was a given that Zack
would never be able to make it into the A Main.  Just to start the A Main, a
driver gets $400, but only something like $50 for a B Main.  In other words,
we would have been spending a lot more just to race & only get $50, so it
wouldn't have been worth it financially.  We got there, and there were 31
cars including our car, so Zack was just planning to watch the races & not
participate.  Then he decided to just give it a shot.  He didn't want me to
videotape, though, because he said, "Mom, it's just going to be
embarrassing!"  So, I didn't videotape, and while it was AWESOME being
able to actually watch a race, I SHOULD HAVE VIDEOTAPED!!  He qualified
faster than at least one of the 410s and got 6th out of 7 in his heat race,
which meant he would be in the B Main.  There were 12 cars starting in the
B.  Zack started on the inside of the last row in 11th place.  They were
transferring the top 6 cars from the B to the A Main.  He finished in 5th
place!  He did so good!  There were 22 cars starting in the A.  Zack started
21st & finished 19th.  Although, on one of the restarts, the cars were lined
up nose to tail just like they're supposed to be.  The car in front of Zack
checked up, & Zack had nowhere to go, so he ran up on the back of him.  
When his car came back down off of the #94, the car behind Zack did the
same thing to Zack & then hit the front stretch wall & flipped.  When the
cars in front of you bunch up on the restart, there is nowhere to go.  That
was just a racing thing.  While the driver made it abundantly clear that was
not how he felt, it was obvious to everyone who saw exactly what
happened, that  Zack did nothing wrong.  He was lined up nose to tail as he
was supposed to be.  I am not saying Zack hasn't made his share of
mistakes on the track, but it's not very often, & he has always been taught
to admit it & apologize when he does.  So, it's too bad that the driver feels
the way he does, but there's nothing that will change his mind, so we'll just
move on to the next race, a wingless 360 race on June 26th.  
Thanks to
everyone who came to watch, as well as those who always offer their help
in the pits:  Chelsea Casto, Marv Durham & his friend, Leo, Grandma Elaine,
DJ & Erica Poole, the Carter family, the Wrights & extended family, Cary &
Jon Drinkwater, & Kevin Solesbee.

June 5, 2010
Awesome night, & an early one!  We were done with the whole night by
8:30!!  A bunch of us loaded up & hit
Game Time Pizzeria to celebrate the
good results of the night.  Once again, Zack was racing with the 360s.  With
his Limited motor, he qualified 10th out of 17, finished in 4th place in his
heat race, and came in 7th in the main.  Normally, Zack stays on the bottom
out of the way of the 360s, as they are normally so much faster than his
motor.  Not this time.  He went to the top & did awesome!  We always have
many people praying for safety before the races.  In fact, Ron always prays
with Zack before each race.  Prayers work, people;-).  
Speaking of prayers,
we frequently pray for new sponsors to join the team.  This week, we have
to thank
Nacho's Restaurant for sponsoring a new rear tire.  It made ALL the
difference, and we can't thank you enough, Cary!!  Stick with us, and we will
make you proud!  
Dragonfly Decals has also provided sponsorship, offering
a free vinyl sticker.  Every little bit helps, and we appreciate you all so
much!  If you look at the nose of the car, you'll see that Dragonfly Decals
provided the
RW Towing sticker.  If you're looking for a local, professional
graphics company, swing by our pit.  We'll pass along the info you need.  
Also,  there was another big show of support from Tom & Patti Wright,
Chelsea & Braedon Casto, Cary  & Jon Drinkwater of
Nacho's Restaurant, DJ
& Erica Poole, Grandma Elaine, as well as Kevin Solesbee helping in the
pits.  Once again, you've come to spend your Saturday night with us, and we
don't know how to thank you enough.
Now, we've got a 2 week break.  Check our Scheduled Races page to see
what's on the agenda for the next 2 weeks.  We'll be back on June 26th to
race with the 360 Wingless class.  See you all then!

May 29, 2010
Great night at the track! Zack set fast time in his class, went from 4th to 2nd
in the trophy dash, 4th to 1st in the heat, 6th to 1st in the main, but then one
of the wing posts broke & the handling was gone, so he ended up in 3rd. He
did awesome!  It was Ron's birthday, and Zack was really hoping to win, but
we were very proud of him even without the win.  He is really learning to
drive through traffic.  Thanks so much to Grandma Elaine, the Wright family,
Mandy Putnam with kiddos & friends, and Brock Ferguson and Jon
Drinkwater both helping out in the pits.  We feel so blessed to have you all
devote your Saturday nights to coming out to cheer us on!  See you all next
weekend for our race with the 360 class.

May 21, 2010
Looks like mother nature wins this weekend.....races scheduled for May
21st & 22nd have been cancelled.  Bummer!  Guess we'll see you all next
Saturday, May 29th.  It just happens to be Ron's birthday that day, too.  Don't
sing.....just throw money;-)......lots & lots of money!!

May 16, 2010
Wow!  What a night at the track.  Without getting into too many details, it
seemed like a full-moon night, but it wasn't!  Zack was racing with the 360s
again.  He started in 6th place in his heat, and ended in 4th.  He should
have gotten 3rd place, because the car in front of him on the restart hit the
cone on the front stretch.  However, Brian said he didn't see who hit it, so
Zack was going to get credited for  4th.  Oh, well.....sometimes it goes your
way, & sometimes it doesn't.  The problem with that, though, is that he just
missed the invert by one position.  So, instead of starting the main on the
outside pole, he started in 12th place.  He did great not getting in anyone's
way who was faster than him.  In fact, just the opposite.  He passed cars &
kept others behind him the whole race.  When it was all done, he ended the
360 race with his LImited motor in 11th place out of 18 spots.  He had 10th at
one point, but when he tried to go around the outside of #4, there was no
grip in the middle of the track & the #6M got back under him to pass him for
10th.  He did a great job tonight.  Once again, he's all in one piece & so is
the car.  Thank you, God!
Thank you to the Castos, Grandma Elaine, DJ & Erica Poole, Jon & Cary
Drinkwater, Kevin Solesbee, Steve Smith, Amanda Putnam, Andi Haxby, the
Wrights, and Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney.  Thanks to you all for coming,
cheering Zack on, & to the couple of you helping out in the pits, you have
no idea how helpful you are to us!
See you all next week for the wingless race!  

May 10, 2010
It was the 2nd Limited Sprint race of the season.  Zack qualified 4th fastest,
so he was in the trophy dash.  He ended the night getting 3rd in the dash,
3rd in his heat race, and 6th in the main.  This was one of those times that
you could say they missed the set-up.  The car just seemed to push more &
more all night long.  Zack even spun in turn 2 of the main, went to the back
for the re-start, was able to make his way back up as high as 5th, but ended
the race in 6th place.  Needless to say, he's had better nights, but the car
wasn't damaged at all, & neither was the driver.  So, it could definitely have
been worse!  We'll be ready to go for next week's 360 race.
We had lots of people come to watch & cheer Zack on this week.  We'd like
to thank you all so much for spending your Saturday night with us:  The
Casto family, Grandma Pam, Grandma Elaine, Kelsey Dillingham & Bryan,
Andrea Haxby, the Wright family, Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney, DJ & Erica
Poole, and special guests, Wes Wright & Luke McFadden with the Santa
Clara Church of Christ youth group.  As always, we also want to thank Kevin
Solesbee & Jon Drinkwater for helping out in the pits.  We appreciate you
all so much.

May 2, 2010
Well, it was our first wingless night of 2010.  Zack qualified 9th out of 18 cars
entered.  There were only 2 or 3 Limited Sprints running, including Zack.  
The rest of the cars were 360s.  Zack started in 5th position of the first heat
and ended in 4th place.  He started in 7th position for the main in a field of
17 cars.  He hung back a little on the start to avoid any chaos in front of him,
so he went back a few positions.  He started to pick it up, but hit a rut in the
middle of turns 3 & 4, as well as hooking his left front tire on the burm.  That
knocked him sideways, & he spun out.  That meant he had to re-start from
the back of the pack.  The green flag came out, and he took off, making it
back up to 12th place when there was a red flag for a couple of cars flipping
down the front & in the middle of turns 1& 2.  Zack did well after the race
resumed, and ended the night in 9th place.  The best part:  NO FLIPS OR
BAD WRECKS FOR US, and we're glad that no one, at least from our night's
class, was hurt.  Randy Martin, who runs the #88 Late Model, however,
wasn't so fortunate.  He was in a pile-up coming out of turn 4, and it sounds
like at the very least, ended up with a nasty concussion.  We're praying for
you, Randy, & hope to see you back out there ASAP!
We would like to thank our main sponsor for the night, Game Time Pizzeria
& Ice Cream Parlor!  THE BEST PIZZA AROUND!!  Check them out on
Centennial Blvd in Springfield.  Tell Craig the Spauldings sent you!
We were so blessed to have in attendance many friends & family this week:
Grandma Elaine, Marv Durham, Kelly, Chelsea, & Braedon Casto, the
Wrights, Grandma Pam, my brother & niece, Mike & Emily Gaffney, Emily's
cousin, Alyssa, Steve Smith, friends of Chelsea's, Kelsey & Brian, DJ & Erica
Poole, Kevin Solesbee, & Jon Drinkwater.  We are so thankful for all of you!
Next week, some members of the Santa Clara Church of Christ Youth Group
will be in attendance at the track.  They're coming to cheer Zack on in the
Limited class.  See you all then!

April 25, 2010
Yet another great night at the track!  There were 26 sprint cars on Saturday
night; 5 of which were Limiteds with the remaining 21 being 360s.  Zack
qualified 17th with his Limited motor, which was the fastest of the 5
Limiteds, as well as faster than 5 of the 360s!  There were 3 heats with the
top 5 finishers in each automatically transferring to the 'A' Main.  Zack just
missed the transfer getting 6th place, which meant he was going to have to
try to race his way into the 'A' from the 'B' Main.  However, he was still able
to finish higher than any of the other Limiteds from any of the heats.  There
were 11 cars in the 'B' Main, with the top 5 finishers transferring to the 'A'.  
Zack finished 4th in front of 3 of the 360s & the other 4 Limiteds, so he
raced his way in!  There were 20 cars starting the 'A' Main.  Zack, being the
only Limited in the entire field, started in 19th position with the intention of
hanging back on the first lap.  He learned from years of kart racing that
when you're starting in the rear of the field, something inevitably happens
in the middle of the pack that you don't want to get caught up in!  He was
right this time, as well.  In turns 1 & 2 of the very first lap, there was a red
flag for a crash.  If he had had his foot buried to the floor, he very well
could have gotten mixed up in it as well.  He's a very smart & patient driver.  
After it was all said & done, he finished 15th in a whole field of 360s, with
not even a scratch on him or the car.  Also, as a bonus, the highest point
scoring Limited of the night received an EXTRA $100, with the 2nd & 3rd
Limiteds getting a specific bonus amount as well.  Congrats to all of the
Limiteds who had the courage to get out there with those crazy, aggressive
Thank you so much to Grandma Elaine, Grandpa Warren, Marv, Jon & Cary
Drinkwater, Kevin Solesbee, Chelsea Casto, & DJ & Erica Poole for
supporting us at the track once again.  We so appreciate you all!
Next Saturday, May 1st, is the first wingless sprint car race of the 2010
season.  If the winged races make me a basket case, the wingless races are
that much more crazy!  It just seems like "jumping out of a perfectly good
airplane"!  Why in the world would a person ever do that??  Yikes!  Zack
really enjoys it, so I guess that's what the plan is for the car next week.  
Come on out to the track & watch the chaos!

April 23, 2010
It was a good night at the speedway.  Zack got some seat time in running
with the 360s.  He was the fastest qualifying Limited Sprint and was even
able to qualify faster than one of the 23 360s.  For his heat, he started 6th
out of 7 cars.  That's also where he ended the race.  Only the top 3 finishers
automatically transferred into the 'A' main, so he had to try to race his way
into the 'A' from the 'B' main.  He started 6th in the 'B' main out of 8
positions, with only the top 4 finishers transferring.  He was able to pass
the #75 of Heath Shelton on turn 4 of the last lap to get 5th place.  So, we
were happy, even though we knew his night was over missing the 'A' main
by only one position.  Then we got a call that one of the cars who qualified
for the 'A' scratched out, so Zack was in the race.  He ran back to the pits to
get in his car.  He went out in 20th place, and finished in 18th, staying on
the bottom & out of the way of the 360s.  He was the only Limited in the 'A'
main & did great taking care of himself & the car both!
Zack also got a new sponsor tonight.  RW Towing has decided to help
support this "racing habit".  Thank you so much to Randy Walker for your
assistance with our 2010 season!  We'd also like to thank Grandma Elaine,
DJ & Erica Poole & their friend, Brandon, Kevin Solesbee, & Jon Drinkwater
for attending, whether it was just to be a cheerleader for us, or helping out
with the car.  You're all very much appreciated.
Back to the track tomorrow night for the 2nd night of the 360 Classic.  
Hopefully, Zack can avoid trouble again & do well.  See you there!

April 17, 2010
What a great night at the track!  Well, it didn't start out so great.  Something
was up with the motor during qualifying, so Zack qualified 6th out of 9.  The
track was VERY dry slick the entire night.  However, they fixed something,
because Zack was able to win his heat race.  Then he started in the worst
possible starting position for the main (7th; inside fourth row).  He is such a
patient driver.  He just kept up with the pack as they got started, making
sure he would be able to avoid any problems that might happen up near the
front on the start.  Everyone did just fine getting off to a good start, so he
started making his way up through the pack & finished in 3rd! I'm so proud
of him!  He's figuring out how to work his way up through traffic in the sprint
car.  He always did very well with that in the kart, so I knew he would
eventually "get it" in the sprint.  He did a great job.
Thanks so much to our supporters who came out to the track tonight:  Marv
Durham, Tom & Patti Wright, Don & Merlin Wright, Jon Drinkwater, Kevin
Solesbee, Grandma Elaine, the Casto family, Brittney Davis, the Ferguson
family, the Hoos family, the Henderson family, and DJ & Erica Poole.

April 10, 2010
Zack ran the season opener with the 360s since the Limiteds weren't on the
schedule.  Ron & Kevin had tried some bigger nozzles on the fuel
injection.  Zack went out for hot laps, & it just wouldn't run right.  They put
the smaller nozzles back on, but it took a couple laps or so to clean the
lines out, so he qualified in 17th (out of 19 cars).  He just decided to ride
around the bottom & get comfortable again.  Also was trying to stay out of
the way of the faster cars.  He started in the 17th position for the main &
finished in 14th.  There were only 3 Limited cars running with all of those
360s, & he finished the main in front of the other two, actually lapping them
both.  It was a great night---no spins, wrecks, wasn't the cause of any
wrecks, completely kept his nose clean, & rolled the car into the trailer all in
one piece.  There was a 20 minute delay for a few sprinkles after the first
main, but then we were able to get the rest of the racing in........just in time.
Just after we got the car loaded into the trailer, it started to POUR RAIN!  
Next week, Zack will be running with the Limiteds, in his own class.  Come
out to the track & cheer him on!
As a side note, Debbie Nunes, I am supposed to tell you to let Seth race
wingless.  As a mom who was ambushed with this very thing, I say, "Don't
you dare give in!  Stay strong, sister!"
Thanks so much to our newest sponsor,
The UPS Store in Springfield, OR,
Kevin Solesbee for helping Ron & Zack in the pits, & for our "season
opener groupies in the stands" the Casto clan, Grandma Elaine, the Wrights
& extended family, DJ & Erica Poole, & Jon Drinkwater.  Your support is so

Sept 27, 2009
WHEW!!!  We all survived the 2009 summer season at Cottage Grove
Speedway!  If you had asked me at any point during the past 6 months, I
would have had great doubts, but God is good, & blessed us with safety for
both boys.  There were victories & defeats, but they're both part of life &
character building.  Josh finished his season in 3rd place, while Zack ended
his rookie sprint car season in 5th place.  We're very proud of them both &
feel so blessed to be their parents.  Great job, boys!
We can not begin to express our appreciation for our sponsors, fans,
friends, & family who supported us this year, either monetarily or by your
attendance at the track, assistance in the pits, or even just your
encouraging words.  I've said this to several people just recently......"I
never, ever would have thought we could financially complete a full season
of sprint car racing, never having missed one race!"  Zack even ran a 360
race & a few wingless races on top of the non-stop Limited Sprint
schedule.  That would have never been possible without the financial
support of our sponsors, friends, family, & fans who all contributed to our
team wanting to make sure Zack had every possible chance to do what he
loves to do more than anything.  We are humbled by your generosity.  
Thanks to you all, Zack was able to reach his goal of earning the 'Rookie of
the Year' title.  Sponsors, we hope that we made you all proud to be
associated with our team, & pray that we can count on your support for the
upcoming season.  We were honored to represent you:  Majestic Heating &
Air Conditioning, Charlie James Racing Graphics, Rocketboy Racing, &
Froggy's Towing.
Now, on to the details of Zack's final wingless race on Saturday & Josh
receiving his 3rd place trophy for the 2009 karting season.....The night
started with the karters getting to introduce themselves & thank sponsors,
etc, & receive their trophies for racing the summer season.  When the
microphone came to Josh, he started by thanking "Majestic Heating & Air
Company" (sorry, Mitch....he almost got it right!), "Dad, Mom, & Zack
Spaulding."  Sorry he didn't remember everyone.  He wasn't even sure he
could get the words all straight for Majestic.  That's a lot for an 8-year-old to
remember when you're put on the spot in front of hundreds of people!
There's a picture above of Josh with his trophy.  Zack started on the inside
of the 3rd row for the dash that was to determine his starting position in the
top 10 of the 'A' main.  There was absolutely no grip on the bottom of the
track, & he pretty much got freight-trained (stuck on the bottom with cars
going by).  He finished that race in 9th, meaning he would start the 'A' main
in 9th place out of 22 cars.  By the time the 'A' rolled around, the whole track
was dried out.  He was having a lot of trouble getting any forward bite at all,
but would occasionally pass a car.  It seemed like one step forward & two
steps back, however.  He kept his nose clean through the two 25-lap
sessions of the main, though, and ended the night in 12th place out of 22
positions.  That is excellent considering several things.....as far as we
know, there were only 4 Limited Sprints in the whole field, including Zack.  
Actually, we're not even positive if the other 3 cars that normally race in the
Limited class had their Limited motors in, or if any of them put a 360 motor
in for the wingless event.  All of the other cars in the field were 360s.  He
only finished behind 1 of the Limited cars (& that was directly behind), &
held his own with many of the 360s as well, ending in 12th place.  We're so
proud of him for even having the courage to run with those cars.  They're
fast & crazy!
See you all when we start the Salem winter season of kart racing in

Sept 26, 2009
We're going to Zack's last race tonight.  It's in the wingless class (much
scarier, at least to me;-).  He did awesome last night, though.  There were 33
cars.  They had 4 qualifying heat races since there were so many cars.  The
top 2 finishers from each heat automatically transferred into the 'A' Main
Event (without having to race their way into it by going through the 'B' Main
& being one of the top 3 finishers from those races).  He almost won his
heat, but barely got passed on turn 4 of the last lap.  So he finished 2nd,
transferring to the 'A'.  Then he started 16th in a field of 22 cars, kept his
nose clean (although several others ended up flipping in that race).  He
finished in 11th place, and survived to race again tonight!  Then we found
out he is in 10th place in points for the wingless cars (just from last night).  
That automatically locks him into the 'A' Main for tonight.  I can almost
relax......only one more to go;-)!  Also, Josh will be receiving his trophy for
the karting season tonight in front of the big car crowd.  That will be fun for
the kids.
Thanks for this week's supporters!!:  Grandma Elaine & her friend, Mike, the
Wright family, Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney, and the Ferguson family.  You
guys are awesome!

Sept 25, 2009
Well, there was no qualifying for the last race since it was going to be a
very full night with many classes.  Zack ended his heat race in 2nd place.  
The timing was way off in the engine for the main, plus we discovered later
that one of the shocks was broken.  Zack still managed to squeak out a 6th
place finish, though.  He finished the season in 5th place (just 5 points away
from 4th).  Not too bad for a rookie; especially one who was 13 years old for
the majority of the season!  He did earn "Rookie of the Year", which was his
goal from the beginning for his first season.  Josh ended his season in 3rd
place.  Overall, they both had a great summer season.  (Most important to
their mom is that they finished their seasons in one piece)!  However,
hopefully I'm not speaking too soon.  Zack is racing in the wingless class
tonight & tomorrow (contrary to his mother's wishes).  Pray hard, please!!
Thanks to all who came to support us last weekend:  Grandma Pam,
Grandma Elaine, Brina, the Wrights & family, the Roth family, Grandpa
Warren, Cory Gant, and DJ & Pat who helped in the pits.  We are so grateful!

Sept 16, 2009
WHAT AN EXHAUSTING WEEKEND THAT WAS!!  I started getting sick on
Friday, was still sick on Saturday morning when Grandpa & Grandma arrived
from Wisconsin.  Oh, well........too much to be done.  So, off we went to
Creswell.  It took all day, but we got it all unloaded.  Then, off to the race
track.  We missed the set up for the main, but Zack was hopefully going to
be able to squeak out a good finish.  He was supposed to start on the
outside pole for the main.  They pushed him off to start his car, and it
stopped on the track in turns 1 & 2.  Zack knew what it was & fixed it himself
right there in the car, but because he had stopped on the track (even
though the race hadn't started yet), he had to start the race from the back.  
That's the rule, so he had no choice.  He was able to finish the night in 7th
place.  Hopefully, nothing will go wrong for this coming weekend's race.  
Thanks goes to Grandma Elaine, the Hoffmans, & the Wrights & family.  We
appreciate you all so much!
Then, on Sunday, we spent almost the entire day out at Thurston High
School for Josh's football jamboree.  Time for me to get off of here now &
make sure Josh is getting ready for football practice;-).  Whew!

Sept 6, 2009
Josh's kart race for August 28th ended up getting cancelled due to rain, so
he lucked out as far as points go.  Plus, he didn't have to miss a race!  So,
as stated below, the plan was to head to the track yesterday, September
5th.  However, I think Fall must be arriving early.  That race was rained out
as well.  Zack was really disappointed, because now, he only has 2 races left
to make up any points.  I, on the other hand, was just fine with not having
my weekly "anxious mom" stomach ache!
Next weekend will be a full one.  Zack has a race scheduled for Saturday,
September 12th.  Then Josh has a football jamboree on Sunday.  Some time
in there, Grandpa & Grandma (who are moving here from Wisconsin) will be
arriving with everything they own & a U-Haul that needs to be unloaded &
returned by Sunday, the 13th.  Not sure how all of this is going to happen,
but I'm sure it will all work out somehow.  See you all next weekend!

August 27, 2009
No races for us this weekend.  There is a kart race scheduled for Friday,
August 28th, but Josh has football practice.  He knew when he decided he
wanted to play football that if the schedules conflicted, he would have to
honor his commitment to the team.  So, we will be back at the track
September 5th for Zack's next sprint car race.  I can't believe summer is
almost over!

August 16, 2009
Well, it was a good night & not so good night at the track.  Zack qualified
7th, which put him on the pole for the heat race.  His car was pushing,
because Ron had put a different size tire on the left rear to see how the car
would handle.  It wasn't good.  He ended up getting 4th out of 6 in the heat.  
They made some small changes, knowing that the track would change
considerably by the time the main rolled around.  Then a 6-pill invert was
drawn.  That put Zack starting on the inside of the 4th row for the main; not
the best place...in fact, probably one of the worst starting
However, like I told him, he was always great at driving through traffic in his
kart.  He has to learn to do the same in the sprint car.  Early in the main, I
saw Zack bicycle coming out of turn 2, and then he just went into the pits.  
One of the shocks on the car had come apart, so Ron put another one on.  
When they went back to racing, the points leader flipped in turn 4.  Zack
came back out onto the track; although, he was a lap down.  A few laps later,
another car flipped in the middle of turns 3 & 4.  Zack never spun or
wrecked at all the whole night.  He ended the main in 8th place after the
trouble with the shock.  Then, I was sitting in the stands figuring the points
when I heard the announcer say something about Zack Spaulding coming
out to race with the wingless sprints.  I thought & even said outloud, "Oh,
Ben...I don't think so.  You just screwed up."  Ron, Kevin, Ozzie, & DJ were
sitting there with smirks on their faces, because they know I don't want
Zack to race wingless.  One of them said, "No, he didn't.  Zack's racin'!"  Oh,
boy, did they think that was funny!  Trouble makers!!  Talk about heart
stopping, until I really watched him & saw that he would probably be just
fine.  Zack had to tag the back of the 21-car field since he hadn't qualified
with the wingless class.  He kept his nose clean & finished in 14th.  Not too
bad for a limited motor & his first time!
Thanks so much to DJ for helping out in the pits, Erica for your support in
the stands & offer to video the wingless race so I could actually watch, the
Hoffmans, & the Wrights & family.  We didn't get a win this week, but at least
we didn't get any new damage either (Ron put the shock back together.).  
Now, we have some time off.  The next kart race is August 28th. Zack
doesn't race the sprint car again until Sept 5th.  See everyone there!

August 15, 2009
Josh raced in front of the big car crowd on Friday, the 14th.  They first did
driver introductions (even for all of the kart drivers).  That was neat for the
kids to be able to do.  Josh had to start on the outside of the 4th row in 8th
place (out of 11) because they inverted the finishing order from the
previous week's race.  Josh had finished that race in 3rd.  He got punted to
the top of the track on the start, moving him back even farther, but he made
it back up to his original position & then just seemed to be happy staying
right there!  Oh, well......as long as he had fun & stayed safe;-)!  Zack races
tonight.  We can always use more cheerleaders!


August 8, 2009
WAHOOO!!  What an awesome night at the track.  Qualifying didn't go so
well, but it just got better from there.  Zack qualified in 6th place.  He got
3rd in his heat, but didn't really like the way the car was handling.  So, Ron
made a couple of adjustments to the car & set it up for Zack to run the
bottom for the main.  The top 6 qualifiers were inverted for the start of the
main, so Zack got to start on the pole.  He took off & led all 25 laps!  Both
times he was coming up to start lapping traffic, there was a caution, which
bunched the field back up, but Zack didn't have to be in traffic either.  So,
he just had to make sure he got good re-starts, which he did.  A couple of
times, he was challenged by other drivers, but he was able to hold them
off.  Plus, it was his 14th birthday.  What a great birthday present!  Video is
uploaded.   Right now, it's 1:47 a.m., & I am far too tired to attempt doing
anything like that;-).
Thanks so much to everyone who came to support us this week:  Mitch
Wofford from Majestic Heating & Air Conditioning, Grandma Pam, Marv
Durham, The Wrights & family, The Hoffmans, Stan, Valerie, Cory, & Charlie.  
Zack's cousin, Hayden, was able to see the big win as well.  Also, a big
thanks to Bill & Dani Miller & Marena for the use of the quad (even though
Ron forgot to use it much of the time;-) & for the birthday goodies!  We very
much appreciate you all!!

August 7, 2009
It was a good night at the track.  Josh ended the night with a 2nd place
finish and two 3rd place finishes.  THE CHAIN STAYED IN TACT!!  That was a
big plus;-)!  Although, Ron said the brand new chain started to kink up in
places.  So, he'll have some work to do, but nothing too bad.
Hayden got to watch again tonight, as well as Grammy Pam and Josh's good
friend, Charlie.  Thanks for coming, everyone!  See you all tomorrow night
for the sprint race!

August 2, 2009
Let's see....last night Zack qualified in 5th.  There were only 9 cars in his
class, so they only had one heat race.  He started inside of the 3rd row, but
seemed to have a hard time getting grip.  He finished that race in 6th place.  
Zack talked to Ron about making subtle changes for the main, which he did.  
They did a pill draw for a starting position in the main.  Josh drew for his
brother.....a 7.....darn.  He started inside of the 4th row for the main and was
doing well when there was a caution for the #51 spinning in turn 2. Zack was
idling around with the other cars when he heard something wrong in the
driveline.  He said he revved the engine one time after that & still heard it,
so he just stopped & shut it off.  He was done for the night, but like Josh
said immediately after that happened, "Well, maybe God let this happen to
keep Zack out of a bad wreck!"  I told him that was a good way to look at it.  
Ron & Zack will take it apart today to figure out what happened.  Whatever it
was, we are thankful that it happened under caution.  It could have been
much worse if it had happened at speed.  Zack did comment that he likes
this "new to us" frame much better than the one that got wrecked last time.  
He said it handles a lot better.
Thanks goes to Marv, Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam, Tom & Patty Wright, &
Jon Drinkwater for coming to support us.  This coming Saturday, August 8th,
is Zack's 14th birthday.  It's also Historical Night at the track.  If you stop by
Knecht's, you can get 1/2 price tickets to the races for that night.  There will
also be fireworks after the races.  See you all there!

July 31, 2009
Once again, Josh was doing well in his first heat race of the night, and the
chain broke.  Ron pieced another one together getting him back out for his
2nd heat race.  Thankfully, it stayed together for the remainder of the night.  
Josh got 3rd in his 2nd heat.  Then came the main.  He started in 7th place
out of 10, was doing great when he and another kart were crashed off of
the track in turn 1 by another kart.  He had to re-start at the back with the
other kart that was involved.  He was going along great when there was a
caution in front of him.  We thought he was going to make it through the
middle of the stopped cars, but one of them moved down the track as he
was going through.  That stopped Josh as well, which meant he had to
re-start near the back of the pack again, but was able to make it up to 5th
place before the end of the race.  
Thanks to Grandma Elaine for coming to watch.  We were also able to bring
our nephew, Hayden, with us to watch his cousin.  He had a lot of fun, and
Josh sure liked having him there;-).
This Saturday, August 1st, is Family Night at the track.  That means a family
of 4 can get in for $20.  Everyone come cheer us on!

July 19, 2009
Oh, boy.......not a good night last night.  If you watch the video above, you'll
see Zack coming out of turn 4 on the high side and the other driver parallel
to him on the bottom of the track.  The driver on the bottom washed up the
track so high that Zack had nowhere to go & hit the front stretch wall.  Then
it was all over.  He's fine, and we'll see what happens about getting back
out there for the next race on
August 1st.  However, it won't be in the same
frame.  It's junk.
Thanks to everyone who donated to the roll-over fund for Zack, to all of the
people who are trying to do what they can to get him back out there in a
couple of weeks, to Grandma Elaine for coming to watch, to Lori Leach for
the supportive shoulder with me at the fence and walk back to the stands,
to Kitty who came to get me to take me out to the pits, and to the great
safety crew workers who so quickly arrived on the scene and made sure
Zack was ok.
Prayer list:  safety, then sponsors......safety, then sponsors (now more than

July 17, 2009
Tonight's heats went really well for Josh.  He won his 1st heat and got 2nd
in his 2nd one.  That put him as starting on the outside pole for the main in
a field of 13 karts.  Bennett got the hole shot, and Josh was holding onto
2nd very well when his chain broke!  Darn!  He was doing so well, but that's
what happens in racing.  You just never know.
Thanks to Marv, Grandma Pam, & Grandma Elaine for coming to the track
tonight.  We'll see everyone tomorrow for the sprint race!

July 5, 2009
Time for an update....On Friday, there were 13 cars in the Limited Sprint
class; great turnout.  Zack was advised to run the middle of the track for
qualifying.  That turned out to be the exact wrong place.  He qualified in
9th.  There was just over 1 second difference from fast time to slowest
time!  Zack ended up getting 5th in his heat out of 7 and 5th in the main out
of 13.  
On Saturday, Zack qualified a little better in 6th place.  He won his heat race
after a very violent crash by Raquel Ivie. She was taken to the hospital after
walking away from the wreck.  We don't have any further details as of yet.  
She is in our prayers for a quick recovery.  Zack started on the inside of the
2nd row for the main in a field of 10 cars.  He stayed in 3rd for the most of
the 20 lap race, but got a little too high in turn four & spun with 6 laps to go.  
Then he was mad!  On the restart, he took off & managed to make his way
back up to 5th by the time he reached the checkered flag.  Man....what an
exciting finish!!  I'll have Ron upload the video, so keep checking back.
Thanks so much to Grandma Elaine, Marv, Grandma Pam, & the Shanaman
family for coming to the track to support us once again!  And an extra big
thanks goes to Kevin Solesbee for helping Ron & Zack in the pits on
We actually have the upcoming weekend off........aaahhhhhhhh.....relaxation
of my nerves;-)!  We'll be back at the track on July 17th for Josh's kart race
& July 18th for the next sprint car race.  See you then!

June 28, 2009
Let's see......Friday night Josh raced his kart & did really well.  There were
13 karts in his class alone!  In his first heat, he got 5th.  In the second heat,
his motor wasn't running right, but he still managed to get a 2nd place
finish.  In the main, he kept his nose clean and finished in 4th place.  It was
a good night.
Saturday night, Zack qualified 3rd out of 11 drivers.  That put him in his 2nd
trophy dash in the sprint car.  He started on the outside of the front row &
won the race.  Of course, one of the kids from the stands wanted Zack's
trophy, but I, as his mom, had already claimed it!  I told him he could have
any more he can get to before any of the other kids in the stands, but I was
going to keep the first one;-).  Of the two heat races for his class, he had
the toughest of the two line-ups and was going good until he got a little too
high in turns 1 & 2 and spun off the track.  However, he had enough sense
to keep his foot in the throttle so as not to hit the tires in turn 2.  He
re-started at the back of the pack and ended in 4th place out of 6.  When
the main event rolled around, the track was so dry-slick, there was
absolutely nowhere on the whole track that he, as well as most of the other
drivers, could get any traction at all.  He tried high, low, middle.....didn't
matter.  It was awful.  I think the only one who was able to get any traction at
all was the leader & eventual winner, Heath Shelton.  Zack finished in 8th
place, exactly where he started.  He is now 5 points behind the leader,
Steven Horner, and the car rolled into the trailer this week with really no
damage at all!  
Congratulations to Steven for earning the use of the 360
motor to run with the ASCS Nationals on July 24th & 25th.  Thanks to
Grandma Elaine & Grandma Pam for their attendance;-).
The next sprint car races are scheduled for July 3rd & 4th, with a fireworks
display on July 4th.  The next go-kart race is on July 17th.  See you all there!

June 21, 2009
Happy Father's Day to all of you dads!
It was a night of mixed emotions last night at the track.  Zack won his heat
race.  The set-up was just right.  Then the main event came around.  Zack
started outside the 4th row in 8th position.  He quickly made progress up to
5th & battled back & forth with Colin Baker to keep the 5th place position.  
Colin had the advantage & had made it up to 4th, while Zack was in 6th
place & drove hard into 3 & 4 going around Carrothers on the outside.  He
got a little too close to the right rear with his left front, wheel-hopped,
jumped the outside burm, hit the k-barrier wall, & flipped.  He was fine; his
mother wasn't & the car wasn't!!  
Thanks so much to Kitty for the
much-needed bear hug & for letting me go out to the pits to check on my
kid!  Also, we can't say thank you enough to Marena for immediately taking
Zack's helmet into the stands to collect donations for a rollover fund to
assist with the many repairs that will be necessary to get him out there next
week.  Every little bit helps.  Many people donated, and you have no idea
how much that is appreciated.  We, of course, don't know all of you, but
specifically want to thank the Walker gang from Froggy's Towing & John &
Jeannie Hoffman for your donations.  As far as people who came to support
us this week, a very heart-felt thanks goes to Grandma Elaine, the
Hoffmans, Marv Durham, Jeff & Dalton Mermis, the Roth family, the Thomas
family, the Gant family, & the Blair family.  You all will never know how
appreciated your presence is at the track.  In addition, thank you so much to
Keith, Ernie, & Ozzie for your help in getting the car put together enough to
be able to roll it into the trailer.  If I am forgetting someone, please forgive
me.  I assure you it's not intentional.  There were just so many people
willing to help in one way or another, it's hard to remember everyone.  We
are so blessed to have friends & family like you all in our corner!!
 Ron is
trying to get the video uploaded sometime this evening.  Check back.  This
also put Zack in 2nd place for points.  He is only 3 points away from Steven
for the lead.  We'll see what happens, but the most important thing is that
Zack didn't get hurt.  Points mean nothing when compared to the safety of
our son.  Thank God all of the safety equipment held up the way it was
designed to!
Josh has a kart race this coming Friday, and God willing, Zack will be back at
the track on Saturday.  See you all then, and please remember to bring
sponsors with you;-)!  They are needed now more than ever!
Oh, almost forgot......to add insult to injury, on the way home a tire on the
trailer lost it's tread.  We were stopped in the Ray's parking lot in Creswell
after midnight changing a tire.  What a night!

June 7, 2009
After the stinkin' weather cancelled Josh's kart races on Friday, it shaped
up to be ok for the sprint car races on Saturday.  Zack qualified in 7th,
giving him a starting position on the pole for his heat race.  He did a great
job & finished 2nd.  He then started on the inside of the 4th row in 7th
position (out of 12) for the main.  He kept his nose clean the whole race and
finished in 4th (almost got 3rd).  It was a good points night.  He was able to
gain 3 more points to extend his points lead.  However, he is only in the
lead by 16 points.......too close for comfort if you ask me!  Anything could
happen.  Hopefully, he will be able to hold on to it, but we're so proud of
him no matter what may happen throughout the rest of the season.
Brock Ferguson was helping Ron again in the pits, and we can't thank him
enough!!  Also in attendance were our usual loyal family & friends, Marv
Durham, Grammy Pam, Grandma Elaine, and Jon Drinkwater.  In addition, it
was nice to see Kris & Phil from Oakway Fitness Center, a past sponsor of
our team.  Now you guys know who to cheer for when you come back!
We've got the next weekend off, but will be back at the track June 20th.  
Come on out, and bring some sponsors with you!

May 31, 2009
Wow!  What a very exhausting weekend......after chain problems in the heat,
Josh got a 3rd place finish in his main event Friday night.  He did awesome,
avoiding spins, flips (one of which happened right in front of him), and all
other chaos!  Overall, a great night.  Then Saturday night rolled around, and
Zack qualified 6th again, with a 12.227 second lap.  He started outside the
front row for his heat race, but didn't get the hole shot, so he was running
in 2nd when another car got into Zack spinning them both around, almost
flipping Zack's car & breaking the front end in his own car.  That car was
done for the remainder of the race, but Zack was able to get back out to go
on to finish 3rd.  The first 6 qualifiers were inverted for the main, with the
remaining 6 cars lined up behind them in their qualifying order.  That put
Zack on the pole, since he was the 6th fastest timing in.  You can get all of
the details from the video link above, but long story short.......Zack won for
the 2nd week in a row!  It was a phenomenal race to the finish, especially
the last 5 laps that he got to race with Collin Baker.  They are always a lot of
fun to watch together whether it's in karts or sprint cars.  They both race
hard & clean.  Once again, Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney were able to be
present for this one, as well as Grandma Elaine, Grandma Pam & her friend,
Julie, our friends, Keith & Melinda Roth, as well as Melinda's parents, Bill &
Janet Thomas, Marv, Brock, and Zack's friends, Jon & Anthony.  We can't
thank Brock & Keith enough for helping Ron in the pits!  Last week, when
Ron saw Zack win the main, he went running down off of the grandstands to
make sure Zack remembered to go directly to the scales, and he pulled a
muscle in his back.  Last night, he was really hurting, and to make things
worse, he slipped on some loose dirt out in the pits.  I've never seen him in
so much pain.  Long story made somewhat shorter, our much loved friend
and neighbor, Marv, spent the night in the ER with Ron & I.  We finally got to
bed at 5:09 a.m.  Ron is feeling considerably better today, but will take a few
days to recover.  Thanks soooo much to Marv & Jude for their love &
support of our family.  I can't tell you how much it means to us.  Whether you
agree or not, we have officially adopted you into our crazy family!
Ok....can't forget this......did I mention we need sponsors?!

May 24, 2009
WHAT A NIGHT!!!  Zack qualified 6th out of 11 with a 12.333 second lap; not
his best.  However, only 3 out of the 11 drivers qualified in the 11 second
range.  It was definitely a slower track than usual during qualifications.  
Zack went out and won his heat race!  He finally decided it might not be so
scary to put the car on the top & just go, so that's what he did the whole
race.  Then, he went out starting on the pole for the main.  He immediately
went to the high side and checked out!  We didn't think he was going to pull
it off, because he was going around lapped traffic half-way through lap 9
and spun on the backstretch.  He did a complete 360, and kept it going to
go on for the win!!  
We've been told he's the youngest driver to ever win a
sprint car race at Cottage Grove, and possibly the youngest to win there in
any class!
 Click on the link above to watch.  Sorry for the poor quality.....just
an added expense the team doesn't need (a new camcorder).  The sweetest
part of the night was that Zack got his first & second wins in the sprint car
while Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney were visiting from Wisconsin.  In fact, I'm
pretty sure I saw a tear or two being wiped away from Grandpa's face after
Zack won the heat race;-).....he's such a softy!
Thanks so much to everyone who came to watch:  the Fergusons, the
Hoffmans, Grandma Elaine, Grandpa & Grandma Gaffney, Jerry & Tyler
Thompson, the Hendersons, and Jon Drinkwater.
An extra HUGE THANK YOU goes to Jeff Thompson, who crew chiefed on
the car this weekend.  Zack soaked in all the information Jeff gave him &
put it to good use!  We can't thank you enough, Jeff, for all of your help &
So, here's the next question......SPONSORS, WHERE ARE YOU??  Wouldn't
you like to be sponsoring the youngest winning driver at Cottage Grove

May 16, 2009
Well, our night was shortened somewhat tonight.  Zack qualified 7th out of
12 with an 11.823 second lap.  He was on the pole for his heat, but the car
just would not grip no matter where he tried.  It was very dry slick already.  
He tried different lines, but was getting no grip anywhere.  So, he finished
that race in 4th out of 6 spots.  Ron made some pretty drastic changes to
the set up before the main, and was just hoping he did the right thing.  He
should have been lined up on the inside of the 4th row in 7th place, but for
some reason, they had the line up wrong, and he was starting in 9th place
out of 12.  Whatever Ron did worked awesome.  He was up to 6th place in
just a couple of laps.  There was a caution, and on the 2nd lap of the restart,
he was on his way to getting Ozzie in 5th place when another car got under
him.  He said he moved up the track to give the guy racing room, but he just
kept coming & ran right over the nose of Zack's car, taking him out.  Not
good.  It's going to be a spendy fix.  Zack is quickly learning the drivers he
is going to really have to be extra cautious around, because you just never
know what some of them are going to do.  He is still in 2nd place, but the
points race has really tightened up.  Please pray for a good result next
Thanks so much to Keith & Melinda Roth, Marv Durham, and Grandma
Elaine for coming to the track tonight.  Ron's going to have a busy, very
expensive week.  Hopefully, we'll see you all next week!

May 15, 2009
Tonight, Josh finally got to race the first race of the season.  He had a good
night, despite track conditions.  Wow.....talk about rough.  Hopefully, that
will get better as the season gets going.  He got 2nd in both of his heat
races and 4th out of 10 in the main.  There were a lot of karts in every
class.  That was encouraging to see.
Thanks to Marv and Grandma Elaine for coming!  See you all at the track

May 11,  2009
Saturday night was a great night at the track.  Zack qualified 2nd fastest,
just behind Steven Horner.  That put him in his first trophy dash in the
sprint car.  Ron has been having a hard time getting the handling just right.  
First the car was pushing in the trophy dash, then it was loose.  Anyway,
Zack ended up in 4th for the trophy dash, and got 4th in his heat race.  Then
we borrowed a shock from Steven to try out before we buy one.  Did I
mention God is good??  He got 2nd!!
Needless to say, time to buy a shock!  
And sponsors, COME ON.....HE GOT
Thanks to Grandma Elaine & Grammy Pam, as well as faithful Marv for
coming to the track to show your support.  As always, it is very much
appreciated;-).  Also, thanks to Steven Horner for allowing us to try that
shock.  It worked great!
Ron got Josh's kart all fixed up & ready to go for this Friday's season
opener.  We'll see if he can keep it on all 4 wheels this time, since that's a
much faster way around the track;-).

May 2, 2009
Rained out, just as we thought would happen.  Oh, well.......saved a little
cash, I guess;-).  See you all next time!

May 1, 2009
It was a very quick night at the track tonight.....for two reasons.  #1:  Josh
took the green for hot laps, and came right down on another kart going
turn one.  He wheel hopped and got banged around before the kart was
back on all 4 wheels (although he didn't flip), which broke the cage in 2
spots ending our night.  Reason #2:  It started pouring rain before they
could even really get the pee wee heat race underway.  The way it rained,
and with the forecast for tomorrow, I'm quite certain we will be rained out
for tomorrow night as well.  Josh felt bad and made sure to apologize to the
driver he drove into.  Thankfully, her parents were understanding, and I
assured them that's not at all normal!  Looks like Ron has some work to do!  
Thanks to Marv & Grandma Elaine for coming to watch, even though it was
over almost before it got started.  Hopefully, we'll get to race next weekend.

April 29, 2009
Last Friday, Zack had his 3rd race in the sprint car.  He is steadily improving
his lap times.  He qualified with a 12.18 second lap; slightly faster than last
week.  He did great in the heat, coming in 4th.  He was doing awesome in
the main.  On a restart, he went to the outside of a car to pass, and bicycled
the car up onto the right side wheels.  He saved it from going over, and
didn't hit any other cars or the tires around the edge of turn 2.  In fact, he
kept going.  However, when the car slammed back down onto all 4 tires, it
hit pretty hard and jarred his lower back & shoulder.  So, he finished the
race, but just kept it on the bottom trying to stay out of the other drivers'
way.  He felt much better the next day, so nothing permanent.
Saturday night was the Grove Classic race for the 360 sprints & the
wingless sprint tour.  We decided to let him run with the 360 sprints just for
the seat time, not expecting any great finish out of the night......basically,
just for the practice.  We had no idea he would time in less than a second
slower than the fast time of the night in the 360 class (with a Limited
motor)!  He qualified with his best time yet of 11.495 seconds.  Fast time of
the night was 10.518 seconds.  Zack would have started on the pole of the
3rd heat.  However, because of some of the other drivers who were in his
race, Ron made the decision to have him start in the back to save the car.  
He was only out there for practice anyway.  With 22 cars starting the main,
he started in 18th place, didn't hit anyone or anything, didn't spin, bicycle,
or flip.  He didn't get in anyone's way at all.  He ended the night with a 6th
place in his heat race and a 19th place in the main.  Not the finish in the
main he was hoping for, but he complained about not being able to get any
traction the whole night.  This is a learning process for Ron as well, trying
to figure out how best to set the car up depending on the track conditions.  
Zack hasn't finished last in any of the races he has been in so far this
season.  He's doing very well.  I know once the car is set up just right, he
will be contending for a win.  After 3 nights of points racing, he is still in 2nd
place behind Steven Horner.  Not too bad for a kid, and how many
13-year-olds can say they've raced with Roger Crockett & Shane Stewart;-)?
Thanks goes to Grandma Elaine, Marv Durham, Rick & Ricky Perry, DJ Poole,
and Jon Drinkwater for coming to the track for help & support on one or
both nights.
Josh is supposed to have his first race of the kart season this Friday, May
1st.  The next sprint car race is scheduled for Saturday, May 2nd.

April 21, 2009
Well, Josh's first kart race of the season was cancelled, due to poor track
conditions, so we move on to Zack's race night.
Last Saturday was another nerve-filled night (even more so than I had
anticipated), because Zack was flying faster than the week before.  I think I
may see a pattern here.  He doesn't seem satisfied going slow.  Imagine
that!  He did great, turning a 12.19 for his qualifying lap (a full 1.3 seconds
faster than the first week).  He got a 4th in his heat race and a 5th place in
the main event.  He complained most of the night about how loose it was,
and it didn't seem to matter what Ron did to the car to change the set up.  It
just didn't get better.  In fact, he was so loose late in the main (I think he
made it to lap 21 out of 25.) that he spun in the middle of turns 3 & 4 twice.  
However, he never got lapped and didn't hit anyone or anything.  He did
awesome up until that point holding 2nd place for a few laps, and then
staying in 3rd place for many more laps holding off Jake Wadell & Kyle
Miller.  Not too bad!  The cause of the loose car was a torsion bar having
stripped out the torsion stop.  This made the ride height all wrong, making
for a very loose car.  We've remedied that and are ready for the next
thing.....I think!  Although, we do have to get a new right rear tire.  After that
race, it's very smooth & shiny.  Smooth & shiny tires do NOT grip the track,
so that had something to do with it as well, plus Zack & Ron are both just
learning.  Oh, well......it's always something!  After 2 races, he's in 2nd place,
so we can't complain about that!  He'll be racing this Friday, April 24th, as
well as Saturday, April 25th.  On Saturday, he'll either be racing with the 360
class or the wingless sprints.  If I have my way, HIS CAR WILL HAVE A WING
Thanks to the Hoffmans, the Sheets family, Grandma Elaine, and as always,
the Drinkwater family for making it out to the track!

April 12, 2009
Zack finally got to make some laps in the sprint car last night.  He did
AMAZINGLY well!  I've never been so nervous, and when he went out for
hot laps (his very first laps EVER in a sprint car), he went much faster than
Ron or I ever thought he would go!  I think we both thought he may be a
little cautious since he's just learning.  Heck no!!  Like Kevin Solesbee said
last night, "What's he gonna learn doing that??"  He went considerably
faster just in hot laps than we ever thought he would.  I don't think he's
scared of anything!  He did great the whole night.  We are very proud of
him!  I think some of the nay-sayers had to eat some crow, while still others
never will, no matter how he proves himself.  Oh, well.......whatever they
have to say to make themselves feel better!  He didn't spin, hit anyone or
anything, flip, or drive over his head in any way.  It was perfect.  He timed in
5th (which we expected, since it was his first time), got a 4th place finish in
the heat, and a 3rd place finish in the main, bringing home $260.  We had
many supporters show up to watch.  Thank you to Grandma Elaine, Grandma
Pam, Steve, Danny, John & Jeanie Hoffman, the Ferguson family, Luke
McFadden, Cary & Jon Drinkwater, DJ & Erica Poole, the Temple family, and
the Hendersons.  Also, a HUGE thanks to Brock & Jake who
helped in the
pits!  You'll never know how appreciated you all are...mostly because we
can't afford to show you!! Marv Durham, you'll never know what you missed
out on!  We missed you! One other special person we are very thankful for
is Grandma Elaine's friend, Mike, who donated to the race fund.  You, also,
will never know how much we appreciate it!!  We are still searching for
sponsors.  The funds won't last long!
 Also, thank you to the many people
who took the time to shake Zack's hand & tell him that he did a good job.
Friday, April 17th, is the first scheduled kart race for Josh, with another
sprint car race the next night, April 18th.  I feel so much better about him
being in a sprint car now, that I actually don't want it to rain out;-)!

April 5, 2009
As usually happens when trying to start the race season in western Oregon
in April, the first scheduled race has been rained out.  Maybe Zack can
actually get some practice in before we have a race.  That sure would make
his mom feel better!!  He says, "Mom, hot laps will have to be my practice."  
He thinks he's a funny boy.....I'm not laughing;-)!

March 29,2009
Well, we got rained out for practice, but the car is done. Thanks to Charlie
James Race Graphics for the cool numbers & graphics.  Here is a link to an
article that was done by Craig Murphy with The Springfield Times. Thanks,

February 23, 2009
Well, the "Money Pit" as it is affectionately referred to (just by me, really)
still doesn't have sponsorship.  However, she has a motor on the way.  It's a
proven championship winner, so we just need adequate funding to be able
to race a full season.  I've gotten some more partnership packets together,
so the remainder of tonight will be spent writing cover letters to send with
the packets.  The 2009 schedules are posted on our Scheduled Races page,
so check it out.

January 18, 2009
It was a great day at the track.  Josh won both of his heats and got 2nd in
the main! There will be a new video or two uploaded soon, so be sure to
check back.  Then we rushed home, because Josh had a basketball game at
2:15.  He did awesome, scoring 6 points for his team.  
A huge thanks goes to
Greg Baker for the use of his spare carburetor.
 Oh, yeah......forgot to
mention that Josh's patched up carburetor broke sometime in the 1st heat
Also, thanks to Jeff Thompson for the use of his starter on Saturday,
and for the help dismantling our carburetor to put the borrowed one on, as
well as Jon Desbiens for the use of his starter today, and for the many
offers of help from Charlie James throughout the weekend.  Our day could
very well have been done without you all.
 Finally, please remember to
contact Mitch Wofford at Majestic Heating & Air Conditioning any time you
may need his services.  We've referred others to him, and can confidently
say you won't regret it.

January 17, 2009
Well, the day started out good with a 2nd place finish in the first heat and a
3rd place finish in the 2nd heat.  However, as the karts were going out on
the track for the main (and there were 15 of them!!), Josh's kart wouldn't
go.  Long story short, Ron discovered that the bolts holding the motor
mounts had broken.  He didn't even get to start the main, and he had a
GREAT starting position.  He was starting inside 2nd row in a field of 15
karts!  Bummer.  Oh, well....maybe it will go better tomorrow.  Ron has
gotten it taken care of, so we're ready for yet another day at the track.  It will
be the last day for the 2008/2009 Salem winter season.

January 16, 2009
Oops....a little late updating the site from last weekend.  Josh did awesome
on Saturday.  He got a 2nd and a 3rd in his heat races.  He was supposed to
start on the outside of the 2nd row in a field of 11 karts for the main.  His
kart died before they took the green.  Not sure what happened there, but
that meant he had to start in the back of the pack.  He did great and was
able to work his way back up to finish 2nd from 11th!  On Sunday, the kart
just wouldn't run right no matter what Ron did.  It was a rough day.  Oh,
well.  Ron came home & took it all apart.  He thinks he found the problem,
but isn't positive.  We'll see how it runs this weekend.  It will be the last
race weekend of the season.  We are still actively searching for
sponsorship, or the sprint car is going to sit right where it's at.  If anyone
knows of a business looking for a great advertising opportunity, please let
us know!

December, 7, 2008
Let me see....on Saturday, Josh raced in Salem and got two 3rd place
finishes in his heat races.  The kart would just not turn & pitch into the
corners.  That was partially Josh not throwing it in as well.  Once he started
doing that and we got the right tires on the kart, it was handling much
better.  He got a 2nd place finish in the main.  Today Ron noticed the
carburetor was completely cracked in half and was barely being held on,
but didn't have time to change to our other carb before the 1st heat, so he
sent him out to get the best possible finish he could get.  The poor kid
didn't even finish and therefore, got 5th place.  However, Ron then had
enough time to change carbs.  Once that was done, he then started in 5th
place for his 2nd heat and got 2nd place.......much better!  Although, there
was a little contact made in turn 4 with the #75 Jaydn Woody.  From where I
was standing, it looked like he had given Jaydn enough room, but just in
case he hadn't, he went & apologized to him after the race.  Josh started in
9th place (out of 11 possible) in the main due to the poor finish in the 1st
heat.  Everything was clicking with the carb & his driving.  He was able to
pass 4 cars and get a top 5 finish, making some excellent passes.  Thank
you, Kevin Solesbee, for coming up & showing support on Saturday.  Josh
loves it when people come to watch him.  I think you got the message,

November 30, 2008
I am wiped out!  I'm sure if I closed my eyes, I would sleep for a couple
days!  It was a long, exhausting weekend.  We had a wonderful
Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Then shopping, of course, with all of the crazies
the day after Thanksgiving, and racing Saturday & Sunday.  Let's
see.......Saturday, Josh got a 2nd, 1st, and a 4th place.  He got t-boned
(partially his fault) in the main, which bent his nerf bar right into the left rear
tire, cutting it down.  Not a bad finish for having a flat tire!  We brought the
kart home, and Ron had it fixed up & ready to go in no time.  So, today we
raced again dealing with another flat tire, and then the muffler blew the
baffles out.  Thanks so much to the Woody race team for letting us borrow a
spare muffler. You saved the day!  Josh ended the day with a 4th, a 3rd, and
a 4th in the main after a very fun battle with Makenzie Thompson.  Good job
to both!  We'll see you all next weekend in Salem!

November 24, 2008
What a looong weekend!  Josh is now playing basketball as well as racing.  
It just so happened that he had a race & a game on Saturday as well as
Sunday.  The racing was in Salem, and the games were in Eugene.  
Fortunately, we were able to get to everything and not even be late, but it
was tiring!  This is a sign that I'm obviously getting old!
There were 12 karts in Josh's class on Saturday.  He didn't mess around,
and went out and swept all 3 races that day!  Sunday's races were a little
different.  He got 2nd in each of his heat races that day, and was in the lead
for the main with only a couple laps to go, when he was taken out by the
2nd place kart (which also took that driver out) giving the win to the 3rd
place driver who was able to keep his nose clean to go on for the win.  
Congrats #13!  
Sometimes racing isn't much fun, but the boys always want to get back out
there, so as long as we are able to get them on the track, we will.  I have to
say it was very strange (and sad) to only have one driver racing this
weekend.  Zack was a little bored for part of the weekend, but he is so
looking forward to racing the sprint car, he doesn't really mind not having
his kart anymore.  It's just his mom that minds:-(.
One thing that happened this weekend that so many people are
questioning is that the Open Intermediate class is no more, which really is
too bad.  The class was too big (18 on Saturday and maybe only one or two
less on Sunday) and created a lot of chaos on the track.  We didn't witness
the Sunday main for that class, but were told that the karts may have
finished a total of 5 complete laps, because there were so many yellows.  
It's not just an opinion......it's a fact that you can't put drivers with little 500cc
experience on the track with veterans and expect a good result.  It also is
not fair to the newer drivers, because unless something happens to one of
the veterans' karts, in all likelihood, they're not going to win or even come
close to it.  I know that anything can happen, but I also know that it's a lot
more fun for a driver to win a race by besting the competition and not just
by avoiding wrecks/spins.  OK........off my soapbox now.  I don't even have a
horse in the race......just stating what I'm hearing from a lot of Intermediate
class drivers and families.
We'll see everyone at next weekend's races in Salem!

November 2, 2008
Well, as you can see from the picture above, we are the proud owners of a
sprint car.  It is a 2004 Eagle chassis.  Here's one of the immediate problems
we face--we need a motor.  Two different motors have been offered to us at
$7,000 each.  They are both very fast motors.  Either of them would be
awesome to acquire.  I'm not going to worry about it.  If it is supposed to
happen, it will.  However, I am going to be very pro-active in the
sponsorship search.  The funds to purchase a motor are just the beginning
of what will actually be needed.  Then comes the insane amount of money
required to be able to race each week.  A sprint car goes through about 30
gallons of fuel each night; plus tires, parts.  Hopefully, we will stay on all 4
tires.  That will prevent needing to purchase wings.  However, it is
inevitable that if you drive a sprint car, you will flip/roll at some point.  Zack
is a very gifted driver, and I know he will catch on to sprint car racing very
quickly.  The problem is finding sponsors who believe in his God-given
abilities as much as we do.  They don't know him, and haven't been
watching his progress for the last 6+ years.  As his mom, I just can't believe
he may be able to reach his ultimate goal at age 13--being a sprint car

September 25, 2008
Oops.......just realized I hadn't updated the site since the last street stock
race.  Zack did well on the last race night in the Camaro.  He was doing a
great job of staying out of the chaos that inevitably happens in this class,
but another driver didn't think he needed to be in his way, so he took him
out.  While Zack really liked getting the experience in a full-size race car,
and he did have a LOT of fun, he's glad to be moving on.  He was able to
finish the season in 8th place.  Not too bad for a just-turned-13-year-old;
especially since he missed 7 races!  Who knows what he could have done if
he hadn't missed any races!
To say "thanks" is a huge understatement for the appreciation we have for
our sponsors from this last season.  I hope I don't forget anyone.......please
forgive me if I do!  Thank you SO MUCH to Majestic Heating & Air
Conditioning,  FBO Ignition, R/R Bounds Trucking, Dragonfly Decals, Inc,
Jim's Tire Factory, Froggy's Towing, Mark Henderson, Mike Petty, Dave
Evans, John Hoffman, and ALL of the many family & friends who came to the
track to show support for the boys this year. There are way too many of you
to list (Basically, I KNOW I would forget someone in that list!).  Just know we
appreciate the support more than we can say.
The winter 2008/2009 Salem Indoor kart season starts in November.  For
exact dates, click on the Scheduled Races page.  Come check it out!  It's an
awesome track.

September 14, 2008
Let's see........Friday night was the last kart race of the season in Cottage
Grove, and it was another wild night of flips, rolls, and crashes.  Thankfully,
both of our drivers kept all 4 wheels on the ground, but they were among
the few who did.  Josh closed out the season in 3rd place in the 5hp
Intermediate class.  Zack won the championship for the 500cc Open
Intermediate class.  He drove his last kart race and won it.  Well, most likely
his last kart race.  If we still have the kart for the winter season, he will
drive in the 500cc Open class in Salem.  Both boys did great this summer.
Saturday night at the track was awesome.  Zack went out and set his fastest
time yet at 16.03, which also meant that he qualified 3rd out of 10, putting
him in his first ever trophy dash in the Camaro.  Then he WON IT!!  It was
great.  What would have been even greater is if his mom had known how to
count.  I thought the white flag had been thrown a lap before it actually
had.  I was pretty excited, and he still had another lap to go before the
white flag.  It was like it was my first time at the track!  You can watch it
above.  The picture of Zack with the trophy girl didn't come through to the
site very clearly, but you get the idea!  It was also pretty exciting to see him
be interviewed by Ben in front of the crowd.  He did great.  I felt bad,
though.  All of the kids at the fence watching the trophy dash winners get
their trophy were calling out, "Hey, Zack!  Can I have your trophy?"  I told
them they couldn't have it because his mom gets the first one, and that he'll
give them away after this one!  He then went out starting on the pole for the
heat race, which doesn't work well for his car.  It works much better
on the
high side.  He tried, but ended up getting 3rd in the heat.  He was holding
3rd position for quite a while in the main, but got passed by another car
after he put up a good, clean fight.  There's one more race for the A.A.S.S.
class this season.  It's on Saturday, September 20th.  He's won a heat and a
trophy dash.  Maybe he can win a main before the car is gone.  The Camaro
has been sold to move on to bigger things.  Zack's just finishing out the
season with it.  It seems like we just got it.
Thanks to everyone who came to support Zack on Saturday:  Brock &
Debbie Ferguson with their son, Jake, and his friend, Oliver, Grandma Pam,
Grandma Elaine with our niece, Brina, Uncle Darr, DJ and Erica Poole, and
John and Jeanie Hoffman.  Several of these same people were also at the
track on Friday night for the kart races as well (even Aunt Shani).  It's always
nice to see people we know come out to watch.  You'll never know how
much we appreciate it.

September 10, 2008
Well, with the exception of one of the notorious drivers getting black
flagged for very rough driving at the beginning of a heat race, there really
wasn't too much excitement or conflict Saturday night.  Zack lead his heat
race for several laps, but then was overtaken by another car to finish in 2nd
place.  I do have to say it was a nice change seeing one of the drivers in
Zack's class race him cleanly for the win.  It has been our experience that
there are only 2 or 3 good, clean drivers in the whole class.  (Good luck
finding ANYONE who honestly disagrees with that!).  It doesn't matter that
he didn't win.  He doesn't mind (as much) coming in 2nd to someone who
doesn't feel they have to trade paint to pass him.  Congratulations, Tyrell.  
Zack put up a good fight, too.  Zack started in the 7th place position in the
main and made his way up to 4th place, but was squeezed out of a "Zack
sandwich" going into turn 3 to get 5th at the line when one of the cars that
had been trying to pass him came right down on him for some reason just
before the checkered flag.  Nice way to gain a position, huh?
We've got the last kart race of the season this Friday night, and a Camaro
race this Saturday.  See you all there!

September 6, 2008
Wow!  Talk about risking damage to your body & your kart......the new bigger
kart track in the middle of the big car track was fun, according to Zack and
some other drivers, but dangerous.  Most of the drivers went off of the
track somewhere last night, and most who did rolled/flipped.  Zack gets big
style points for his departure!  He said when he realized he was going off
the track he just turned the kart to the right to square it up, so as not to flip
or roll when he left the track.  It couldn't have been done any better.  He
looked like Beau or Luke Duke!  There was air under that kart as he went
sailing off, but he not only kept it on all 4 tires; he kept it running.  
It was a
crazy night.  That track needs some kind of barriers around the edges.  
Hopefully, last night was proof enough of that.
Josh got 3rd in his first heat after starting in the back, and had the second
heat won until he was going into turn 3 of the last lap, and his chain came
off.  He got a 2nd place finish.  In his main, the chain came off twice ending
his night in last place.
Zack won his first heat, got 3rd in his second heat, and was coming up to
the rear of the field in the main when there was a caution.  He was rolling
around waiting for the re-start when his throttle cable stuck.  He had to
stop, which put him to the back of the field when he came back on.  Their
race was cut short due to the number of cautions.  He was able to make it
back up to 2nd place before the checkered flag flew.  

September 2, 2008
It was a decent night at the track Saturday.  I think Zack would have beaten
his fastest time, but hit a slick spot in turns 3 & 4.  He had to back off of the
throttle for a second, which gave him a qualifying time of 16.62 (5th fastest
in the field; just missed the trophy dash).  He started 5th in his heat race
and was doing well when he spun coming out of turn 4.  He kept it off of the
inside wall, but had to go to the back for the re-start.  He was able to make it
back up to 5th by the end.  We found out he didn't have any brakes, which
was the reason for the spin.  Ron got that fixed right away.  He started on
the inside 2nd row for the main.  He was doing great when another car that
doesn't usually drive rough got on the inside of him and spun him.  
Because he doesn't normally drive like that, we can only assume it was
accidental, and we DO VERY MUCH APPRECIATE the immediate apology
after the race.  So many others don't do that, whether it was purposeful or
not.  Zack had to re-start in the back and was able to make it back up to 4th.  
He is really doing a good job in that car.  Too bad it's already sold at the end
of the season.  Seems like he just started in it.  Oh, well.  On to bigger
things.  Now, we just need to get his 500cc kart sold.  If anyone hears of
someone looking for one, send them our way!
We had quite a few friends & family at the track Saturday.  I'll have Ron
upload some pictures tonight.  
Thanks so much to Matt & Robin, Aunt Shani,
Keith, Melinda, & Jacob, Grandma Elaine & her friend, Mike, and our good
friend, Marv.  Your attendance and support overall is so very much

August 17, 2008
OK......what happens when the videographer for the team forgets the
camcorder at home?  Any guesses?  Yep.......ZACK WON HIS HEAT RACE
after qualifying 4th with his best time yet of 16.33 seconds!!  And to top off
the night, because he pulled a blue pill after winning the heat, that meant
that he had to start in 11th place.....dead last for the main.  However, he did
awesome in the main as well.  He was able to avoid all of the spins and
accidents of other drivers and pass a few cars to come in 3rd for the main.  
He physically came in 4th, but the winner came across the scales too light
and was disqualified.  It was a GREAT night at the track!  We will definitely
be getting a DVD of the AASS class races for that night from the track
videographer.  I don't know if we can put it on the site or not, but if so, we
will.  Keep checking back to see if you'll be able to check it out.  His car also
made the home page of the
www.cottagegrovespeedway.com site.  Thanks
to everyone who came to support our team for the night!  We have next
week off, but will be back at the track Saturday, August 30th.  See you all

August 16, 2008
Last night, both boys raced their karts in Cottage Grove, but we were racing
on the infield track that we haven't used for a long time.  The vintage cars
joined us (except they were on the big track, of course).  They were a lot of
fun to watch.  The night started out great.  Josh won both of his heats, even
starting in the back of his second one.  Zack got a 2nd place in his first heat
and won his second one, which put him on the outside of the front row for
the main.  Josh had the pole position for starting his main.  Both mains last
night quickly turned into "paint to pass" crash fests.  I've never seen so
many red flags in kart racing.  It was ridiculous.  Josh was leading most of
his main when he was taken out by another kart going into turn 1.  Long
story short, he was able to make it back up to finish 7th out of 12 karts.  
Good job, Josh.  You did great.  Zack went out for his main, and was
knocked completely off of the track in turn 1 which sent him to the back, but
oddly enough, not the kart that caused it.  Again, long story short, he had
long enough to work his way back up to 3rd place by the time the
checkered flew.  Although, you have to check out the near miss he had with
Ty Sparks and another kart.  Talk about quick reflexes.  That was amazing!  
I'll have Ron upload the clip as soon as he can.  Tonight we're back at the
track racing the Camaro.  See everyone there!  
By the way, a huge thank
you goes to Ty Sparks and crew for the use of your extra pipe for the main.
Zack's had broken, so we had to do something quick!

August 14, 2008
Last Saturday, August 9th, Zack was racing the Camaro and was doing very
well in the heat race (after qualifying 6th out of 11).  He was in 4th place and
holding his own, when he spun in turn 4.  He kept it off of the inside wall
and was smart enough to get out of the way before anyone behind him hit
him.  However, when trying to re-start the car, he flooded it and didn't know
how to get it going again.  His dad hadn't taught him that yet!  So, he was
pushed into the pits.  Ron showed him what to do to prevent that
happening in the future.......now he knows.  Then he started 3rd in the main
and was doing pretty well.  He got a little rub from one of the other racers,
and rubbed back a little bit, which slowed down his momentum, allowing a
couple of other drivers to pass him.  He just has to remember not to act like
other drivers do on the track.  This class has gotten a little better over the
past few weeks about not making it a "paint to pass" class, but there are
still certain drivers who can't seem to pass anyone unless they rough them
up.  I guess you'll find that in any class.  He was doing well when he could
keep his car on the high line of the track, but he wasn't always able to get
up there.  He ended the race in 5th, but another car who finished in front of
him was DQ'd for illegal parts, so Zack went home with a 4th place finish.  He
has consistently been finishing in the top 5.  Not too bad for a kid who just
turned 13 on August 8th!
The best part of this week has been acquiring an awesome new sponsor.  
Majestic Heating & Air Conditioning has offered to sponsor our team, and it
could not have come at a better time.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK
YOU, MITCH & MARGARET WOFFORD!!  We promise you will not regret your
decision.  We will always do our best to make you proud!

August 4, 2008
Saturday night, Zack raced the Camaro.  Grandpa Warren & Grandma
Maureen were here visiting from Wisconsin and were able to see him race
for the very first time.  Zack had his best qualifying time of 16.36, which was
7th out of 13 drivers.  Not too bad.  He got his best finishing position in his
heat race with a 2nd place.  He then started 8th in the main and ended the
night with a 6th place finish.  Since Ron got the motor together with the
parts sponsored by R/R Bounds Trucking, he's up there with the faster,
more competitive cars now.  It will still be a real challenge to beat the fast,
more experienced drivers, but we know he can do it.  In fact, he was able to
beat one of the fastest drivers on Saturday.  He was happy with that.  The
car still seems to be bogging somewhat coming out of the corners, which
Ron said will probably take about $200 to fix.  Clearly, that will have to wait.  
He'll just have to rely on his driving ability alone to get good finishes; at
least until we are able to get more sponsorship.  He can do it.  He's a good
driver.  Thanks to R/R Bounds Trucking, he is feeling more confident out
there.  He can run with the faster cars now.  We can't thank them enough.  
Also, thanks goes to Grammy Pam and Grandma Elaine.  Friday, August 8th,
is Zack's 13th birthday.  Grammy gave him entry fees for he & Ron for this
Saturday's race.  Happy birthday, Zack!  We had Grandma Elaine at the track
as well, who bought Zack a shirt that had his car and his name on it.  Early
birthday presents are fun!  Grandpa Warren also bought one and had Zack
sign it when we got home.  We really wish Grandpa Warren & Grandma
Maureen could be at the track a lot more.  It was a fun weekend.  We all had
a blast.  Time with family is just too short.

July 29, 2008
Friday was fun, but challenging.  It was a wingless event, which means lots
of loose karts.  Loose = spinning.  Zack had a rough night.  In hot laps, a kart
had spun taking out the kart directly in front of Zack.  He had nowhere to go
and ended up tangled up with her; which bent his spindle pretty badly.  Ron
tried to straighten it as best he could.  We just had to make do, but it
wouldn't handle right at all the entire night.  Josh, however, LOVES racing
wingless.  Once he spun a couple times in the first heat, he seemed to
really get the feel for the kart without the wing.  He took off for the 2nd heat
and the main and never looked back.  He was flying and came home with a
big 1st place trophy.  Great job, Josh.
We didn't race the Camaro on Saturday, because Zack's class was added for
Saturday only two days prior.  Zack already had plans to stay with a  friend,
as we weren't supposed to be on the schedule.  Oh, well.  Grandpa Warren
& Grandma Maureen should be here today or tomorrow & will be here for
the race this weekend.  See you all then!

July 20, 2008
Last night was a great night at the track.  Zack is getting more & more
comfortable in the car.  There were 9 cars in his class.  He started 8th in the
heat race, finishing 4th, and started 6th in the main, finishing 3rd.  In the
heat race, he did get the right front pushed in somewhat when the 53 car
spun right in front of him.  He tried to avoid it, but there really was nowhere
for him to go.  It didn't stop him, though.  He kept going, and it was a fairly
minor fix; just one of those racing things.
Our friend from Majestic Heating & Air Conditioning, Mitch Wofford, came
with his son, Jack.  It was great to have them there.  I think Jack had the
best time of all of us!  Zack signed a picture & gave it to him.  We were told
Jack was still carrying it around this morning before church!  Thanks so
much for the support, Wofford family (or at least part of the Wofford family!).
We have next Saturday off, but are planning to race karts Friday night at the
Grove.  This is a wingless, non-points event.  It should be fun.

July 13, 2008
Zack did PHENOMENAL in his main tonight and had his fastest qualifying lap
yet!  He started on the outside front row, led the first 3 laps, and then
finally, 2 cars were able to get by him.  But no one touched anyone else.  It
was good, clean racing the way it should be.  Many people came up and
shook his hand and congratulated him, etc after the races were over.  It
was a night to be proud of.  One family came up and asked, "What will it take
to get you guys to come race Coos Bay?"  I jokingly said, "You pay for it!"  
Mel then said, "If that's all it takes..." and handed us cash for the trip down.  
He even offered to make sure we have spec tires for that track!  The
blessings just keep coming!  The family I'm referring to owns Froggy's
Towing here in Springfield.  Mel, Theresa, and family, we can't thank you
enough and hope to make it down to Coos Bay sooner rather than later.  We
thought maybe this coming weekend, but after discussing it on the way
home tonight, Ron remembered that we really should have an anti-sway
hitch installed for taking the trailer that far.  There's another expense we're
not prepared for unless we can get it sponsored somehow.  Oh, well. If it's
supposed to happen, it will happen.  A couple drivers were saying how Zack
was cutting people off in the corners.  Zack commented that he had to take
the corners in a manner that he could get a run to come out of the corner,
or he would have no chance since all of the other cars have much more
horsepower than he does right now.  He wasn't meaning to cut anyone off, I
assure you.  The car rolled into the trailer with no new dents!  However, we
did have a problem on the way home tonight.  It was already much later than
we usually get home, as there was a very large car count in the late model
class.  It was around 12:45 a.m. just past the 30th Avenue exit off of I-5 when
a tire on the trailer blew out (a hole big enough to put your fist into).  Our
only option was to drop the trailer, go home to get the spare (oops!), and
Ron and Zack went back for it while I got Josh to bed.  It is now 1:48 a.m.  
They just got back, so I think it's time for all of us to hit the hay, and we'll
see you next week.  

July 7, 2008
Wow......where do I start?  Let's see....after the heat race, Ron discovered
the jets in the carburetor were labeled the same size, but weren't actually
the same size.  So, after he remedied that, the car ran much better for the
main.  He was doing well, staying out of trouble on the track.  The #12 car
was running behind him and decided since he couldn't get around him like
a normal race car driver, he would just spin him out of the way.  We didn't
realize this class was a "paint to pass" class...our mistake, I guess.  I'm a
little bitter about this......is it obvious?  It should be.  I've been around
racing long enough to know that racing incidents happen.  However, they
should be accidental.  Check out the video above.  I do have to apologize
to the #12 for something, however.  On the video, I mis-spoke twice saying
that after he spun Zack, he then spun the #75 car and that he also did the
same thing to another car in the trophy dash.  After I watched the video, it
appears the #75 car just got up into the loose stuff to avoid Zack spinning,
and then spun himself.  Ron & Zack corrected me about the trophy dash,
and said that the #12 car was actually the victim in that race.  Also, the #6
was apparently upset with Zack after the main, but we have no idea why.  
The only thing I can figure out is that when he spun in the main, Zack was
behind him.  Maybe he thought Zack did it, but Zack was actually car lengths
behind him.  He did it all by himself.  This is not a demolition derby, people.  
When you children get done screwing around, maybe a race could break
out?  That would be nice, since that's what we all pay for each week, and
more importantly, that's what our sponsors pay for.  Feel free to comment
on this, one way or another, no matter how you feel about it, via email at my
email address: nicky@spauldingmotorsports.com.  After all of that, Zack was
able to finish 6th out of 10, and came very close to beating the #12, but he
was able to beat Zack on the outside.....now THAT was racing as it should
be.  We don't mind losing at all, when it's a real race like that.

See you all at the track, hopefully for a race this time, July 12th!

June 24, 2008
It was a very full weekend of racing with the karts on Friday and the Camaro
racing on Saturday.  First, to update everyone on the kart races.....Josh got
two 2nd place finishes in his heat races.  Then, in the main, he started
outside 2nd row (I think) in a field of 11 karts.  He thought the flagger was
throwing the green, when really he was just getting ready to hold it up so
the kids would know there was one lap to go until the green.  So, he took
off.  He would have gotten his place back since the green hadn't flown yet,
but his motor died, so he stopped on the track.  That sent him to the back of
the field to start..........bummer!  He didn't let that stop him, though.  I've
never seen him drive like that!  He was passing on the outside, inside; just
wherever the kart in front of him wasn't......that's where he went, and made
it stick.  In just 3 or 4 laps, he was up to 2nd.  Then, his motor died again!  
He started in the back AGAIN,
but was able to make it back up to 4th before
the race was over. He did amazing!  Ron will have the motor issue fixed
before the next race.  The track was EXTREMELY dry slick/dusty, so Ron
dropped the air pressure in the right rear tire on Zack's kart.  However,
then Zack waited parked in the sun for a while before he went out for his
first heat race, and the air pressure went back up & then some.  He was
very loose.  The kart didn't want to stick where he tried to put it, but he was
able to salvage 2nd place....not bad at all.  Zack won his 2nd heat race as
well as the main for his class.  It was a great night overall.  Also, our
sponsor from Rocketboy Racing, Rod Moses, was there with his kart racing
in the Open class.  It was nice to see him at the track.  He had a long drive.
Saturday night, we were back at the track to race the Camaro.  At the
beginning of the month, we had ordered another carburetor from an ebay
auction, but to this date, we still don't have it, so Ron had worked on the
one we have and got it to work a little better than last time, but still not what
we need.  Zack went out for hot laps and was doing great.  He seemed very
comfortable and much faster than last time.  However, the carburetor was
giving him a lot of trouble when it came time to qualify.  He qualified with an
18.80 second lap, which put him starting last.....oh, well.  It would have been
nice to qualify closer to the front, obviously, but it's the mark of a good,
skilled driver to be able to pass (and pass cleanly).  So, he went out for his
heat race starting 10th.  There were soon a couple of cautions, that Zack
was pretty much able to avoid.  After those cautions, he re-started 5th.  He
found the right line around the track, and was really doing well.  He was
able to pass the car in front of him for 4th place and had his sights set on
the next car when he was in the middle of turns 3 & 4, and the right front
wheel bearing started to drag (plus the track was very dry & dusty), sending
his car right around.  He was using his head to be able to keep it off of the
inside wall, but the car he had just passed had nowhere to go, and hit his
right side HARD.  The right rear took the majority of the hit.  We were done
for the night.  He was doing so well!  Oh, well.....as they say, that's racin'!  
Ron will post a video or two (maybe tonight), so check back to watch.
I have to share the blessings our family has experienced this week.  God is
so good.  Tuesday night, we were finally able to make it down to the track
with the Camaro for a practice.  Zack went out for the first practice, and the
car was back-firing and just making noise in general.  A man who lives
nearby heard it and drove over to help out.  Long story short, he owns an
International Performance Parts export company.  He didn't know us from
Adam, and ended up offering his services for the carburetor (if it ever gets
here) as well as several other engine parts for the Camaro.  Then on
Saturday, our friends, Rick and Rachael Bounds, who own R/R Bounds
Trucking, offered sponsorship.  Since the Camaro was out of commission,
Ron was calling around looking for all the parts necessary to get it up &
running again (whole new rear-end, including axle; also a strut for the right
front, etc).  He called to tell me that he found all of the parts, but that it was
going to be $250.  Well, that wasn't going to happen.  Ron's supervisor,
John Hoffman, laid the money down in front of him and told him to order the
parts.  Mike and Linda Petty are always helping out any way they can as
well.  We can't thank you all enough.  Thanks to all of these wonderful
people, maybe we will be able to get Zack back out there this weekend and
for a few more before the season is over.  

June 3, 2008
Well, Zack finally got to try out the Camaro last Saturday.  He did awesome!  I
was a basket case before he went out, but once I saw him out there and
how comfortable he seemed, all I could think was, 'He needs more power!!'  
He was in a field of ten cars and qualified 9th, so he didn't get last and
didn't get last place in either of his races that night.  In fact, he got 4th in
the heat out of 6 positions after getting into a completely unprovoked
altercation with another car.  He was doing great, but Ron said he was
overheating when he came in, so he borrowed some different jets from one
of the other drivers.  As it turns out, they were the wrong jets and made the
car run terrible in the main, and then he ran out of gas!  Ron thought there
was plenty of fuel.  Zack also complained that the car would shift just before
he got to the corners, so he didn't have the RPMs to get out of the corner
and make up any ground on the next car in front of him.  That's an easy
enough fix.  It was a learning night for Ron and Zack both.  After closer
inspection, Ron discovered only half of the carburetor was working.   
Needless to say, we'll be a little better prepared for the next race on June
21st.  There's also a kart race on June 20th, so come out to the track for one
or both.  We guarantee you'll be entertained no matter which one you
choose!  Check out the video above of Zack's very first heat race in the

May 23 & 24
We got rained out all weekend.  Both the karts and cars got rained out.
Maybe next weekend for the Camaro!

May 21, 2008
THE CAMARO IS READY TO RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First race is this Saturday night.

May 13, 2008
Finally.......racing's back!  As always happens, the first couple of scheduled
races were rained out.  However, last Friday, May 9th, the weather
cooperated.  It was a great start to the season.  Josh took off and made his
way through traffic with no problems, coming in 2nd place in each of his 3
races.  Zack took off like he was shot out of a cannon, winning all 3 of the
races for his class.  The
Oakway Fitness Center karts stayed at or near the
front all night.  
Thanks so much to Brock Ferguson for letting Ron take a shot at making a
few laps in a 500cc kart after the races were over.
 It was entertaining, but
even more entertaining was watching him try to get out of it when he was
done!  You can check out the video and pictures from the experience on
Ron's own page coming soon.
The Camaro is coming right along.  Ron said tonight he is shooting to have
it on the track for the May 24th race.  Sooo, come on out to Cottage Grove
Speedway for the next kart race on May 23rd and then again for Zack's
debut in the All American Street Stocks class on May 24th, 2008.  
A huge
thank you to everyone who has contributed to getting this car up & running,
as well as to Mark Henderson for providing the car to begin with!  
Supporters include Mike Petty, John Hoffman, Dave Evans (#11 Race Car
Driver), Brock & Debbie Ferguson, Grandpa Julius, Pat MacGinitie, and
Keith Roth.  You've all contributed in different, but very much needed and
appreciated ways.  We can't say thank you enough.  Now, come on out and
be cheerleaders for who you're supporting!
 See you all at the track.
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Commentary Continued Here
Well, it hardly seems possible to be saying this, but after almost 12
continuous years of racing, we're taking the 2014 season off.  Zack is
in college, & really needs to focus on getting his degree.  Brad Myers
will be heading off to college soon as well, so racing has to be put on
hold for now.

Throughout the last 12 years, we have been blessed by so many great
people from fans, fellow competitors, awesome sponsors, & for the last
3 seasons, an unbelievably generous car owner & his amazing family.  
Myers family, there are no words to adequately express our gratitude
for the faith & trust you have shown in Zack from day one, for giving
him/us the opportunity to be on this crazy ride called sprint car racing
with you, for not giving up on the whole thing when it seemed one
thing after another plagued the car, & for your friendship.  Not many
kids are given the opportunity that you have provided for Zack.  We
are beyond grateful, & we truly do love you all!

We pray that, at some point in the future, we are able to pick right up
where we left off, & go racin' with the Myers family again.  For now,
we will just have to make do with Prius jokes & Myers/Spaulding BBQs!
Can't wait!
The A-main re-draw July 3rd....got the pole!
STM Racing/Spaulding Motorsports
This happened directly behind Zack as he
came out of turn 4.  Whew.....close one!
Taylor, Nicky, & Trish at Grays
Harbor Raceway for night #2
of ASCS NW Speedweek 2013
Little fan Zachary in Big
Zachary's car after the races in
Banks at Sunset Speedway :-)